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What is homeopathic treatment for Anemia? – Part 1

• Anemia is a disorder that results from decrease in the concentration of red blood cells or hemoglobin.
• The main job of hemoglobin is to carry oxygen to tissues.
• Anemia results in decreased oxygen carrying capacity of blood.

Common Causes of Anemia

• Bleeding (hemorrhage)
• Iron deficiency
• Inability of body to produce sufficient red blood cells
• Hemolysis (destruction of red blood cells)
• Menstruation
• Pregnancy
• Lactation
• Peptic ulcer
• Piles
• Hiatus hernia
• Hookworm infestation

Symptoms of Mild to Moderate Anemia

• weakness
• fatigue
• shortness of breath

Symptoms of Moderate to Severe Anemia

• rapid heartbeat
• dizziness
• headache
• ringing in the ears
• pale skin (especially the palms of your hands), pale or bluish fingernails
• hair loss
• restless leg syndrome
• confusion

Symptom specific to severe Vitamin B12 or Folic acid deficiency Anemia

• swelling of the mouth or tongue
• symptoms specific to pernicious anemia:
• numbness, tingling
• depression and/or irritability
• memory loss

Homeopathic Treatment for Anemia

1. Ferrum metallicum
This remedy is recommended to a person with the following symptoms:
• Has an appearance of full bloodedness or plethora.
• Is followed by paleness or earthiness of the face.
• Puffiness of the extremities.
In severe cases, the person may:
• Get easily exhausted
• Vomiting of food after eating may occur
• The patient is constantly chilly
• May have an afternoon or evening fever simulating hectic fever

2. Pulsatilla
This remedy is recommended to a person with the following symptoms:
• The system is relaxed and worn out
• The patient is chilly
• Suffers from gastric
• Suffers from menstrual derangements
• Feels better in the open air
• Dizziness on rising
• Absence of thirst
• Peculiar disposition
• Sensitive to droughts of air
This remedy is useful in cases where anemia results from loss of fluids like:
– In lactation
– Hemorrhage
– From all exhausting discharges
– Menstrual flow
– Long-lasting diarrhea
– Sexual excesses
– Loss of semen
Special symptoms are:
• Heaviness of the head
• Loss of sight
• Fainting
• Ringing in the ears
• Pale sallow complexion
• Sour belching
• Poor digestion
• Bloated abdomen

3. Calcarea carbonica
This remedy is recommended to a person with the following symptoms:
• Green sickness
• Chlorosis of young girls
• A complexion like wax
• Alabaster lips and ears
• A bright eye
• The face has a true greenish hue
• The general symptoms of the drug
• By disgust for meat
• Craving for sour and indigestible things
• Swelling of abdomen
• Vertigo
• Palpitation
• A state of worry
• Constantly imagining calamities

4. Arsenicum
This remedy is recommended to a person with the following symptoms:
• Malarial or toxic influence
• Excessive prostration considerable oedema
• Violent and irregular palpitation
• Marked appetite for acids and brandy
• Extreme anxiety
• Rapid emaciation
• Irritable stomach
• Intense thirst

5. Helonias
• This is a remedy that is very apt for anemia and chlorosis.
The person who is indicated of this remedy has the following symptoms:
• Anemia from prolonged hemorrhage in women.
• Are worn out with hard work.
• They are too tired to sleep.
• The strained muscles burn and ache.
• With disturbances in the urinary and sexual organs.
• Tired.
• Females with backache.

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