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What are homeopathic treatment for PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine disorder.

Common symptoms of PCOS

• No periods
• Irregular periods
• Irregular bleeding
• No ovulation
• Irregular ovulation
• Obesity
• Insulin resistance
• High blood pressure
• Abnormal cholesterol
• High triglycerides
• Excess hair growth
• Acne
• Oily skin
• Thinning hair
• Male-pattern baldness
• Fertility problems

What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?

• This is a common ovulation problem.
• About 5% -10% are affected with this problem.
• They are affected in their years of capable reproduction.
• PCOS is a condition where there is an imbalance of hormones.
• This imbalance causes the deadening of ovaries.
• In some cases, these ovaries are covered with fluid filled tiny cysts and enlarged.

Management of PCOD usually aims at prescribing a constitutional Homeopathic remedy.
• This remedy should be capable of working on the ovaries.
• It should be working effectively on the entire Endocrinol system.
• This remedy will help in repairing the pathology associated with PCOD.
• There are numerous remedies that have the capacity to improve the disease or this condition.
• The remedy prescribed is chosen only after evaluating the entire constitution of the reproductive system of the person.

This includes:
• Presence of any genetic predisposition
• Physical build up
• Complications of your menstrual cycle
• Entire physical traits
• Personality characteristics

Depending on the treatments available and number of solved cases it is concluded that Homeopathy:
– Is safe
– Complementary option
– Can improve and regularize the periods cycle
– Help in the prevention of cysts
– Minimize cyst formation
– Influence your hormonal imbalance
• Homeopathy for PCOS or PCOD should be continued for a sufficient amount of time.
• This is the time of the appearance and normalization of the menstrual cycle.
• This will decrease or remove the cyst formation.
• This is the only way to monitor the improvement.
• Depending on the changes and improvement the process shall continue for another 4-6 months.
• There are no specific homeopathic remedies that are designed for the treatment of PCOS.
• Some homeopathic treatments do help a woman with PCOS.
• This is given based on the general well being of the person.

Homeopathic Treatments for PCOS

NAT-MUR is prescribed for a variety of symptoms like:
• Eczema
• Vertigo
• Oral thrush
• Premenstrual tension

LYCO is used for:
• Vomiting
• Indigestion
• Bloating
• Constipation
• Anxiety
• Insomnia

It is generally used for ladies problems that are mainly around the:
• Uterus
• Vagina
• Ovaries

Lachesis is used for:
• Blood poisoning
• Circulation difficulties with menstruation
• Menopause
• Tonsillitis
• Uterine problems

A Patient’s Guide to PCOS The Savvy Woman’s Guide to PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) The Insulin-Resistance Diet The PCOS Workbook

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