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What are the different homeopathic remedies for Baldness? – Part 2

• Baldness is partial or complete lack of hair.
• Balding is part of “hair thinning”.
• The degree and pattern of baldness differs from person to person.
• It is also known as androgenic alopecia, alopecia androgenetica or alopecia seborrheica.
• It is a different term for male and female pattern baldness.
• Hair loss is involved in pattern balding.
• This commonly involves patchy hair loss.
• Extreme forms of alopecia areata are alopecia totalis.
• This leads to the loss of all head hair.
• The most extreme form is alopecia universalis.
• This condition involves the loss of all hair from the head and the body.

Role of Homeopathy in Treating Baldness

Homeopathy plays an important role in stimulating the partially atrophied hair follicles and rejuvenating hair.
Homeopathy helps in:
• slow down in the falling of hair.
• followed by regrowth.
• increased density of hair in the affected area.
• The prevention of further loss on competition of 4-6 months of treatment.

Homeopathic Remedies for Baldness

6. Phosphorus
A person with the following symptoms is indicated of this remedy:
• Patchy baldness
• Dryness of hair and scalp
• Itchy scalp
• Dandruff
• Hair fall in handfuls
• Hair fall especially while combing
• Alopecia aerata
• Frontal baldness
• Thin physique
• Long fingers
• High cheek bones
• Weakness with excess emotional vulnerability a
• Weakness with impressionability
• Extremely sympathetic persons
• Go out of the way to help others
• Hair fall after any hemorrhagic disorder
• Scurvy
• Fearful when alone
• Better in company

7. Kali Carbonicum
A person with the following symptoms is indicated of this remedy:
• Brittle head hair
• Dryness of hair
• Hair falling on sides
• Baldness in patches
• Baldness in young people
• Hair falling due to grief
• Hair falling due to menopause
• Hair falling from back of head

8. Mezereum
A person with the following symptoms is indicated of this remedy:
• Hair stick together
• Fall in handfuls
• Crusty eruptions on scalp
• These eruptions leading to hair fall
• Itchy scalp
• Dandruff
• Psoriasis affecting scalp leading to hair fall
• Sensitive to cold air
• Sensitive to skin rashes
• Eruptions
• Crusts below which is yellow purulent matter

9. Sepia
A person with the following symptoms is indicated of this remedy:
• Baldness menopausal
• Hair fall after delivery of the child
• Mental depression
• Leading to indifference later on
• Hair pains when touched because of extremely sensitive hair roots
• Irritability increased
• Snappish attitude
• Pimply eruptions near the hairline on forehead

Other Homeopathic Remedies

• Medorrhinum
• Natrum mur
• Selenium
• Lachesis (typical pregnancy hair fall)
• Merc sol
• Lycopodium
• Borax

Homeopathy Dosage Directions

Several homeopathic physicians recommend the usage of the remedies be used as follows:
• Take one dose. Wait for a response.
• If improvement is seen, it is best to wait for the remedy to work.
• If improvement lags then another dose can be taken.
• The frequency of dosage differs with the condition.
• It also differs from individual to individual.
• A dose may be needed several times an hour in some cases
• In other cases, a dose may be needed several times a day.
• In some other cases, one dose per day can be said to be enough.
• If there is no response then after waiting for some time, it is best to switch to another remedy.
• Follow the same as above with the other one.

Other natural and alternative methods of treatment include:
• Ayurveda
• Massage therapy
• Acupressure
• Acupuncture
• Yoga
• Meditation
• Green tea
• Naturo-therapy

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