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What are homeopathic remedies for Belly Fat ?

• Belly Fat is the latest known epidemic in the United States of America.
• It is a condition where the body gains weight way more than the ideal weight.
• The fat around your middle really is dangerous.
• As the fat sits on your body, normal diets and even vigorous exercise regimes do not work.

Homeopathic Remedies for Belly Fat

1. Homeopathy Phytolacca Berry Tablets (SBL brand)
• This acts on the adipose tissues of your body.
• This helps to get rid of unwanted fat
• Take it thrice daily before meals for first 15 days.
• Then reduce it to twice a day for next 1 month.
• Follow up later.
• Try to eliminate the stress.
• This is because with stress there is increase in cortisol.
• Cortisol increases belly fat.

2. Vrikshamla or Garcinia fruit
• This is used for preparing cooling syrups during the summer months.
• The extracts of fruit help in keeping slim and trim.
• Vrikshamla does not have any side effects.
• This is especially true with the central nervous system.
• This is because with many medicines of weight loss chemical stimulants there are plenty of side effects. They cause:
– Nervousness
– Insomnia
– High blood pressure
• Regular intake of vrikshamla keeps your body in perfect shape.
• Vrikshamla does not have any toxic effects under normal dosage.
• Vrikshamla can also be given to a person suffering from general body weakness.
• Vrikshamla improves your overall health besides acting as a great appetite suppressor.
• Vrikshamla is also a good product for respiratory infections and ailments of urinary system.

Benefits of Vrikshamla:
• Vrikshamla helps to reduce the conversion of fat.
• It prevents accumulation of the same in the body tissues.
• This helps in reducing the weight.
• It is a natural and herbal product.
• It is absolutely safe.
• Vrikshamla helps to lower the body weight by preventing any storage of fat in your body.
• Vrikshamla also functions as cardiotonic. It can be used in tumors,pains and other heart complaints.
• It also provides you relief from catarrh conditions.
• These conditions usually occur in the throat and bronchus.
• It also protects kidney and urinary system.
• It is used widely for healing the wounds.
• It also helps in combating various body infections.
• It also helps in treating various skin related disorders.
• It also improves skin complexion.
• This contains a very good quantity of Vitamin C in it.
• This works very well in skin problems.

Dosage of Vrikshamla
• Take 1 capsule of Vrikshamla twice a day after meals.
• Take it with a full glass of water.
• Leave at least an hour.
• Between the consumption of these tablets and any other medication take an hour gap.
• Follow the directions of your doctor exactly.
• The use of this medication is not recommended for people under the age of 14.

Missed Dose:
• If you miss a dose of Vrikshamla (Garcinia Combogia), take it as soon as possible.
• Skip the missed dose if it is nearing the next schedule.
• Continue with your regular schedule.
• Do not take more than the recommended dosage of this medication.


• Start doing some exercise in addition to all this.
• Avoid eating frequently
• Avoid fast food
• Avoid fried foods
• Avoid sitting for a long time.
• Avoid long sleep hours
• Avoid excessive intake of soft drinks etc.

Other aids
• Build muscle
• Weight gain with age
• Keep on your toes
• Cut back on STRESS

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