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What are different homeopathic remedies for Corns? – Part 1

• A Skin disease is a rupture or any abnormality from its normal sense.
• A corn or callus is areas of thickened skin.
• These occur in areas of pressure.
• This production of corns is actually a normal and natural way for the body to protect itself.
• A corn is usually small and painful.

• Callus develops on the hand when chopping a lot of wood
• In the foot, the skin will thicken up.
This condition occurs when the pressure continues.
– The skin gets thicker.
– It slowly becomes painful.
– It is something foreign by the body.
– Corns are hyperkeratosis of the skin.
– Corns usually form on the toes.
– This is where the bone is prominent.
– This is where the skin presses against the shoe, ground, or other bones.

Other causes
• Allergies
• Hormonal changes
• Stress
• Sunburn
• Pollution

Highly beneficial natural remedies that can be used are:
• orange peels
• tomato juice
• lemon juice
• coconut water
• sandalwood powder
• other natural skin lightening agents

Homeopathy Treatment & Homeopathic Remedies for CORNS/CALLUS

• Antimonium crudum
• Arnica
• Camphor
• Ferrum picricum
• Graphitis
• Lyco
• Nat.mur
• Phytolacca
• Ran. Scleratus
• Ruta
• Silicea
• Sulphur
• Thuja

The person with the following symptoms is indicated to this remedy:
• Corns inflamed
• Large horny placed on soles of feet that are close to the toes
• Thickened skin of soles & feet
• Corn on soles & toes
• Inflamed corn
• Great sensitiveness of soles on walking
• Aching
• Stitching pains in corns
• Young people inclined to grow fat
• Old people with morning diarrhea
• Alternate diarrhea and constipation
• Pulse hard and rapid
• Sensitive to the cold

The person with the following symptoms is indicated to this remedy:
• Corns on heels and toes
• Very sensitive
• Very painful
• Stinging
• Stitching
• Smarting pain
• Nervous women
• Sanguine plethoric persons
• Very red face
• Bad effects resulting from mechanical injuries

3. Camphor
The person with the following symptoms is indicated to this remedy:
• Corns with skin parchment like sore
• Painful corns which are very sensitive
• Soreness in toe joints and corns.
• Pain better while thinking of it
• Persons physically and mentally weak
• Irritable
• Exceedingly sensitive to cold air
• Bad effects of shock from injury
• Surface of body cold
• Pale Face
• Blue livid lips
• Profound prostration
• Surface cold to touch
• Throws off all coverings
• Entire body painfully sensitive to slightest touch
• Cold Tongue
• Flabby
• Trembling
• Sudden attacks of vomiting and diarrhea
• Cold and pointed nose
• Anxious and restless
• Skin and breath cold
• In first stages of cholera morbus and Asiatic cholera
• Severe
• Long-lasting chill

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