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What are the different homeopathic remedies for Claustrophobia? – Part 1

• Claustrophobia is the phobia or fear of being in an enclosed place.
• It can be termed as a disorder.
• Claustrophobia is phobia or fear of not knowing or having an easy escape route.
• It is a type of anxiety.
• It leads to panic attack.

Causes of Claustrophobia

• A fearful and dreadful childhood experience
• Unpleasant experiences
• An unpleasant memory of haunting
• Amygdala
• Brain synapse
• Classical conditioning
• Conditioning experiences
• Prepared phobia

Symptoms of Claustrophobia

• Fear of restriction
• Fear of suffocation
• Removes clothing during attacks
• Sweating
• Increased heartbeat
• Nausea
• Fainting
• Light-headedness
• Shaking
• Hyperventilation
• A fear of actual imminent physical harm

Dislikes of Claustrophobics

• small rooms
• locked rooms
• cars
• tunnels
• cellars
• elevators
• subway trains
• aeroplanes
• caves
• crowded area
• sitting in a barber’s chair
• waiting in line at a grocery store
• undergoing MRI or cat scan
• fear of confinement to a single space.
• feel suffocated in a closed space
• thinking that there may be a lack of air in the area

A few examples of common experiences that could result in the onset of claustrophobia in people are as follows:
• A child is shut into a pitch-black room
• He is not able to find the door or the light-switch.
• A child gets shut into a box.
• A child falls into a deep pool
• He cannot swim.
• A child gets separated from their parents.
• He is lost in a large crowd.
• A child sticks their head between the bars of a fence.
• He is not able to get back out.
• A child crawls into a hole and gets stuck.
• He is not able to find his or her way back.
• A child is left in their parent’s car, truck, or van and is not able to get out of there.

Homeopathic Medicines or remedies for treating Claustrophobia

• Lycopodium
• Pulsatilla
• Aconite
• Argentinum nit,
• Calcarea carb
• Ignitia,Lac defl

1. Aconitum Napellus
This remedy is useful for the person who has following symptoms:
• Relieves a state of fear
• Anxiety
• Worry
• Anguish of mind
• Mental restlessness
• Does not want to be touched
• Delirium characterized by unhappiness
• Worry
• Fear
• Raving
• Fears death
• Fears the future
• Fears a crowd
• Fears crossing the street
• Pains intolerable
• Drive person crazy
• Music unbearable
• Makes person sad

2. Argentum Nitricum
This remedy is useful for the person who has following symptoms:
• Thinks that understanding will and must fail
• Fearful
• Nervous
• Impulse to jump out of window
• Faintness
• Tremulous
• Melancholic
• Apprehensive of serious disease
• Time passes slowly for such a patient
• Impulsive
• Wants to do things in a hurry
• Fears
• Anxieties
• Hidden irrational motives for actions

3. Cimicifuga Racemosa
This remedy is useful for the person who has following symptoms:
• Great depression
• Dream of impending evil
• Fears riding in closed areas
• Being obliged to jump out
• Incessant talking delirium tremens
• Tries to injure himself
• Mania following disappearance of neuralgia

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