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What is homeopathic treatment for constipation? – Part 1

• Constipation is a common disturbance related to the digestive tract.
• The irregular movement of bowels is what is called constipation.
• The bowels are not emptied entirely.
• There is a large discomfort in emptying the bowels.
• This is a condition that is reason for many other conditions to crop up and lead to many other diseases.
• As the bowels are not emptied and they accommodate in the excretory tract leading to accumulation of toxins.
• These toxins get into bloodstream.
• These toxins get into other parts of the body through this bloodstream.
• These toxins are responsible for other diseases.
• There are types of constipation like temporary and chronic constipation.
• Temporary constipation is short lived and can be avoided by taking water regularly and other natural remedies.
• Chronic constipation is long lasting and is frequent.
• It takes a toll on the body.
• These are usual cases of operations and who are addicted to lots of medicines and foods and other habits.

Chronic constipation can lead to:
• Appendicitis
• Rheumatism
• Arthritis
• High blood pressure
• Cataract
• Cancer

Constipation Symptoms

• Infrequency, Irregularity in Elimination of Hard Faecal Matter
• Coated Tongue, Foul Breath, Headache, Depression , Insomnia etc
• Discomfort

Causes of Constipation

• Faulty Diet and Style of Living
• Insufficient Intake of Water, Strong Tea and Coffee etc
• Irregular Habit of Defecation, Lack of Physical Activity
• Anxiety or depression

Homeopathic Treatment for Constipation

1. Bryonia
This is a remedy that is recommended with constipation symptoms like:
• a feeling of dryness in the rectum
• large dry stools that are hard to push out
• sticking or tearing pains
People with these symptoms are known to be:
– grouchy
– out of sorts
– may be tense due to worries related to work.

2. Calcarea carbonica
This remedy is recommended to the people with symptoms:
• feel more stable when constipated
• experience discomfort
• experiences fatigue on movement of bowels.
• large stools are hard at first, then they become sticky and at last become liquid
• feels chilly
• sluggish
• have clammy hands and feet
• crave sweets
• feel weak
• anxious upon being overworked.

3. Causticum
This remedy is evidently prescribed when the person has the following symptoms:
• stool is difficult to pass
• feels painful while straining
• the person’s face becomes red from effort.
• the person may be more successful upon standing up.
• the stool will be narrow
• stool will be full of mucus.

4. Graphites
This remedy is recommended the following symptoms are visible or felt:
• large stools look like “sheep dung”
• they are little balls stuck together
• they have mucus.
• aching is felt in the anus.
• this is usually after the movement of bowels.
People who require this remedy are:
– slow
– become alert in the morning
– usually stout
– have a tendency toward eczema.

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