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What are different homeopathic remedies for Pneumonia? – Part 1

• Pneumonia is an inflammation of the internal organ, lungs.
• It is considered as one of the most dangerous and serious infectious diseases.
• Pneumonia assumes threatening proportions if both of the lungs are affected.
• This medical condition is tagged double pneumonia in layman’s term.

Pneumonia Symptoms

• Pneumonia in the head or throat
• Shivering fever
• Difficulty in breathing
• Chest pain
• Pneumonia with pinkish sputum
• Convulsions
• Delirium
• The temperature may also rise to 40.6 degree centigrade
• Pulse rate may increase to up 150 beats per minute

Pneumonia Causes

• Viruses and germs
• Toxins and fungal infections
• Fungal infections
• Inhaling foreign matter
• Irritation by worms
• Noxious gas
• Irritant dust
• Constitution that is weakened by the toxins
• Improper eating habits
• Faulty lifestyle

Homeopathic Remedies for Pneumonia

1. Aconite. [Acon]
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms:
• First stage of pneumonia
• High fever preceded by a distinct chill
• The pulse is full, hard and tense
• Exposure may also be taken into consideration
• Dry, cold winds
• The skin is hot and dry with no moisture upon it
• Hard, dry, teasing and painful cough
• There may be some expectoration
• Expectoration is watery, serous and frothy
• Expectoration may be blood tinged, but not thick
• Thick expectoration indicates that exudation is commencing
• Great restlessness
• Tossing about
• Anxiety
• Fear of death
• Suddenness onset
• Occurs in young and plethoric persons who are full of life and vigor

2. Veratrum viride
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms
• There is a full rapid pulse
• A great deal of arterial excitement
• The eyes are glistening
• There is a red streak down through the centre of the tongue

3. Ferrum phosphoricum. [Ferr-p]
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms
• For the first stage before exudation takes place
• Expectoration is thin, watery and blood streaked.
• For violent congestions of the lungs
• Appearing at the onset of the diseases or during its course
• Inflammatory action was extending
• Secondary pneumonia
• Occurs more in the aged and debilitated
• High fever
• Oppressed and hurried breathing
• Bloody expectoration
• Very little thirst
• There are extensive rales
• Less of that extreme restlessness
• Anxiety

4. Iodine. [Iod]
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms
• Both for the first and second stage of pneumonia
• Croupous form of Pneumonia
• High fever
• Restlessness
• Rapid extension of the hepatization
• Cough
• Great difficulty in breathing
• Feeling as if chest would not expand
• Sputum is blood streaked
• In the later stages when resolution does not progress
• The lung breaking down with hectic and suppurative symptoms
Use prescribed drop doses of Iodine in the 1st, 2d or 3d dilution every hour.

5. Veratrum viride. [Verat]
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms
• In violent congestions about the chest preceding pneumonia
• Great arterial excitement
• Dyspnoea
• Chest oppdression
• Stomach symptoms of nausea and vomiting
• The engorgement is profound
• Little use after hepatization
• High fever
• Violent action of the heart
• The pulse is full
• Hard and rapid
• Tongue has a red streak down the center
• The air cells at the bottom of the lobes are filling up with frothy mucus
• The pulse will indicate being full and hard
• Strike out anxiety
• Insert an ugly delirium with a deeply flushed, bloated face
• Headache

Pneumonia Essentials 2010 Homeopathic Remedies Family Guide to Homeopathy

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