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What are different homeopathic remedies for eye allergies?

• Eyes are most helpful sensory organs.
• They are very essential for living a healthy and significant life.
• There are a group of eyes diseases which obstruct in usual viewing.
• Eye allergy is when eyes abnormally react to allergens.

Symptoms for Eye Allergies

• Reddening
• Swelling in eyes.
• Watering of eyes.
• Itching
• Burning sensation in eyes.
• White or green discharges of the eyes.

Causes for Eye Allergies

• Usage of eye cosmetics
• Wrong medication
• Substances like perfumes
• Exposure to chlorine in swimming pools
• Air pollution
• Smoke
• Animal dander

Homeopathic Remedies for Eye allergies

1. Euphrasia
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms:
• watering of eyes
• bland discharges
• burning sensation in eyes

2. Ambrosia
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms:
• allergic eye problems
• intolerable itching
• burning of eyes
• treating wheezy cough

3. Ruta
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms:
• headache
• straining of eyes
• cures red eyes
• burning pain in them
• disturbed vision
• reduces pressure created on eyes
• eyestrain caused by overuse
• stiffness and pain
• lead to headaches
• soreness and pressure behind the eyeballs
• eyes may become inflamed and swollen
• heavy watering
• over-sensitivity to light
• person may also have problems with focusing the eyes
• problem with accommodating to changes in brightness.
• blurred vision
• continuous pain
• itching

Homeopathy Dosage Directions

Several homeopathic physicians recommend the usage of the remedies be used as follows:
• Take one dose.
• Wait for a response.
• If improvement is seen, it is best to wait for the remedy to work.
• If improvement lags then another dose can be taken.
• The frequency of dosage differs with the condition.
• It also differs from individual to individual.
• A dose may be needed several times an hour in some cases.
• In other cases, a dose may be needed several times a day.
• In some other cases, one dose per day can be said to be enough.
• If there is no response then after waiting for some time, it is best to switch to another remedy.
• Follow the same as above with the other one.

Dietary specifications for Eye Allergies

• Taking sufficient Vitamin A rich food.
• Make sure to include loads and tons of orange and bright colored fruits plus vegetables in their raw state.
• Milk, spinach and broccoli also contain Vitamin A in healthy amounts.
• Vitamin A is also present in fish oil.
• One can take Vitamin A supplement.
• Eggs, fish and milk contain good Vitamin A.
Some fresh and raw vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A are:
– yellow or orange in tone
– papaya
– pumpkin
– bell peppers
– carrots
– mangoes
– cantaloupes
– cilantro

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