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What is homeopathic treatment for acute sinusitis? – Part 1

• Sinusitis is a condition wherein one or more sinuses are inflamed or infected.
• A sinus is a hollow air space that is present in the skull.
• These are also known as para nasal sinuses.
• This is because they are around the nasal cavity.

The para nasal sinuses include:
Frontal sinuses: Sinuses over the eyes.
Maxillary sinuses: Internal to each cheek bone.
Ethmoid sinuses: Just behind the nose bridge and in between the eyes.
Sphenoid sinuses: Behind the ethmoids that are present in the upper region of the nose and behind the eyes.

The primary functions of these sinuses in the nasal cavity are to:
• Warm
• Moisten
• Filter the air
• The capacity to vocalize certain sounds
• Our skull is lighter to carry on the vertebral bones due to them

Symptoms of Sinus

• Allergic reaction
• Common cold or influenza
• Deviated septum
• Hay fever, allergic reaction to pollen or grass
• Reaction to medication (e.g. Flomax)
• Rhinitis medicamentosa a condition of rebound nasal congestion
• Difficulty breathing through your nose
• A runny nose
• Sneezing
• Trouble in sleeping
• Speaking
• Hearing
• Snoring
• Nasal congestion
• Nasal obstruction
• Thick nasal discharge
• Sensation of fullness in the face
• Sensation of pressure behind the eyes
• Post nasal drip
• Mild fever
• Headache over one or both the eyes
• Tapping
• Jolting
• Jarring the tender area
• Foul smell in nose
• Nasal sounding speech
• Dry tickling cough
• Tiredness
• Aggravated by air travel

Causes of Sinus

• Fever
• Cold
• Other viral infection
• Exposure to sun and wind
• Stress
• Menstruation
• High levels of amino acid arginine
• Depression of the immune system

Homeopathic Treatment of Sinusitis

• Sinusitis is actually a lingering infection or allergy.
• This can impede proper nasal discharge.
• This congestion is a breeding ground for other infections.
• This can lead the lining in the sinuses to become inflamed and swollen.

The patient of sinusitis gets bored with:
– Antibiotics
– Nasal decongestants
– Nasal corticosteroid sprays
– Pain killers
– Saline nasal sprays
– Inhalers
– Anti histamines
– Expectorants
– Humidifiers
– Surgery

1. Arsenicum
The patient who needs this remedy will have the following symptoms:
• throbbing pain
• burning pains in the sinuses
• teeth may feel long and painful
• feel nausea
• experience vomiting
Pain is aggravated by:
– light
– noise
– movement
– after midnight
May be triggered by:
– anxiety
– exertion
– excitability
They may feel relief by:
– lying quietly in a dark room
– the head raised on pillows
– exposed to cool air

2. Hepar Sulphur
The patient who needs this remedy will have the following symptoms:
• began sneezing and then develop sinusitis
• condition aggravates from the least exposure to cold air.
• nasal discharge is thick and yellow
• nostrils become very sore
• this is due to the acrid discharge
• their nasal passages become sensitive to cold air
• headache
• sense of a nail or a plug inserted into the head
• bursting pain
• headache worsen above the nose upon shaking the head
Pain is worse from:
– Motion
– Riding in a car
– Stooping
– Moving the eyes
– Simply from the weight of a hat
– Combing the hair
Pain is relieved upon putting a firm pressure of a tight bandage.

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