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What is homeopathic treatment for acute sinusitis? – Part 2

• Sinusitis is actually a lingering infection or allergy.
• This can impede proper nasal discharge.
• This congestion is a breeding ground for other infections.
• This can lead the lining in the sinuses to become inflamed and swollen.

The patient of sinusitis gets bored with:
– Antibiotics
– Nasal decongestants
– Nasal corticosteroid sprays
– Pain killers
– Saline nasal sprays
– Inhalers
– Anti histamines
– Expectorants
– Humidifiers
– Surgery

Homeopathic Treatment of Sinusitis

3. Belladonna
The patient who needs this remedy will have the following symptoms:
• Throbbing pains in the frontal head
• Pain comes on suddenly
• Tend to leave suddenly

4. Kali Bic
The patient who needs this remedy will have the following symptoms:
• Have a thick and stringy nasal discharge
• Extreme pain at the root of the nose
• Is better by applying pressure
• The bones feel sore
• Scalp feel sore
• Dizziness
• Nausea
• Lead to dimmed vision

The pains are worse by:
– Cold
– Light
– Noise
– Walking
– Stooping
– In the morning
– At night
They prefer to lie down in a darkened room. They feel better by:
– Warmth
– Warm drinks
– Overeating

5. Mercurius
The person needing this remedy has the following symptoms:
• extremes of hot and cold temperature
• the scalp and the nose become very sensitive to the touch
• their teeth feel long and painful
• they may salivate excessively
• the nasal discharge is usually green
• mucus is too thick to run.
• it is offensive smelling and acrid.

Pains are worse in:
– open air
– from sleeping
– after eating
– after drinking.

6. Pulsatilla
The person who is indicated of this remedy has the following symptoms:
• The head pain is concentrated in the front part of the head.
• It is accompanied with digestive problems.
• The nasal discharge is thick and yellow or green.
The head pain is worse while:
– lying down
– in a warm room
– is better in cool air for children
– the sinusitis may begin after being overheated
– stooping
– sitting
– rising from lying down
– eating

They get some relief from:
– slow walking in the open air
– by wrapping the head tightly in a bandage

7. Silicea
The person recommended to this remedy has the following symptoms:
• a chronically stuffed nose
• feels as though their head would burst.
• the head pain worst in the right eye
It is aggravated by:
– mental exertion
– cold air
– moving the head
– light
– noise
It is relieved by:
– wrapping the head warmly
– wrapping it tightly
– by applying heat

8. Spigella
People who need this remedy have the following symptoms:
• a sharp pain that is worse on the left side
• tend to get sinusitis after exposure to cold or wet weather.
They feel pain from:
– warmth
– when they stoop
– bend the head forward
They feel some relief by:
– cold applications
– from washing with cold water

9. Aconitum Napellus
This homeopathic remedy is suggested to a person with following symptoms:
• head pain
• headache from catching cold
• eye pain
• pain worse cold air
• nose pain
• discharge from nose
• copious
• running or blocked nose
• nauseous
• abdomen pain
• fever
• worse in night
• discharge from nose
• greenish pus
• external throat pain
• soreness

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