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What are different homeopathic remedies for root canal treatment ?

• Root canal treatment is carried when decay will likely damage or killed a tooth.
• During a root canal, a dentist or endodontist eradicates the pulp from the center of a tooth.
• He then fills the pulp cavity.
• This can prevent a painful infection in the pulp.
• This infection which is likely to spread to other teeth is thus stopped.
• A root canal can also treat an infection in an abscessed tooth.

This procedure can relieve:
• Toothache
• Stop infection
• Promote healing

Causes of Root Canal

The most common causes are:
• Tooth decay or cavities
• Gum disease: tissue inflammation or infection
• Chipped or broken tooth
• Abscessed tooth: a painful infection in the gums or the root of the tooth
• Exposed tooth roots

Symptoms of Root Canal

• Inflammation
• Swelling
• Redness
• Pain
• Possible bleeding of the gums
• Bad breath or halitosis
• Discoloration of the gums
• Structural changes
• Tender and painful gums
• Deterioration of gum tissue and bone.
• Red gums

Homeopathic Remedies to recover better from Your Root Canal Therapy

Staphysagria 6C: This remedy is indicated as a medicine that is particularly efficient for a surgical wound in the treatment.
Hypericum perforatum 6C: This remedy is indicated when one of its major indications is nerve trauma.
Arnica 6C: This remedy is indicated for all cases of trauma, swelling and bruises.

For the relief of nervousness and apprehensiveness one can take the following before a procedure:
• Gelsemium
• Argentum nitricum

Homeopathy Dosage Directions

For self treatment or treatment at home:
A lower potency of the following can be used:
• 6X
• 6C
• 12X
• 12C
• 30X
• 30C
• The instructions of usage are usually available on the label of the box that you have brought.
• Do read it properly and effectively use the remedy.
Several homeopathic physicians recommend the usage of the remedies be used as follows:
• Take one dose
• Wait for a response
• If improvement is seen, it is best to wait for the remedy to work.
• If improvement lags then another dose can be taken.
• The frequency of dosage differs with the condition.
• It also differs from individual to individual.
• A dose may be needed several times an hour in some cases
• In other cases, a dose may be needed several times a day.
• In some other cases, one dose per day can be said to be enough.
• If there is no response then after waiting for some time, it is best to switch to another remedy.
• Follow the same as above with the other one

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