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What are different homeopathic remedies for Rashes? – Part 2

• Rashes arise when skin comes in contact with an irritating substance.
• A rash is a change of the skin.
• This affects its color, appearance or texture.
• Rashes can affect any part of the skin.

Homeopathic Remedies for Rashes

8. Rhus toxicodendron
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms:
• blistery rash
• rash that burns and itches intensely
• Applying heat or bathing in hot water improves the condition
• restlessness
• wanting to pace or constantly move around.

9. Sepia
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms:
• dry skin with a scaly reddish or brownish rash
• feels chilly
• feels better when warm
• getting too warm under covers or clothing and sweating makes the itching worse.

10. Sulphur
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms:
• red, irritated, itchy, burning rashes
• increases by heat and washing
• the touch of clothing like wool can cause a rash or make it worse
• scratching seems irresistible
• disrupts and irritates the skin
• eruptions may be dry and scaly
• eruptions are moist and infection-prone.

11. Urtica urens
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms:
• eruptions that resemble nettle-rash with blotches that sting
• burn intensely
• scratching makes the symptoms worse
• applying cold or water may aggravate the condition
• rashes that come out from eating shellfish
• rashes arising from being overheated
• rashes along with rheumatism

Diet for Rashes

• Balanced and nutritious diet with special emphasis on vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and selenium rich foods is highly beneficial
• It is best to include oranges, lemons, carrots, gooseberries, guavas, watermelons in fruits and in vegetables to include red and yellow bell peppers, broccoli, beans and seeds, nuts and whole grains in the diet.
• It is best to stay away from fatty and oily foods, caffeinated items like tea, coffee and even chocolates.
• Drink adequate amount of water to keep the skin in a healthy and glowing condition.
Water is nature’s #1 natural remedy for rashes.
• Drink more water to cleanse and hydrate your body and keep your skin moist and supple.
• Take a steam bath to open pores and hydrate your skin.
• Be sure to moisturize afterwards.
• Use cold compresses to relieve the pain, stinging and itching due to inflammations.
• Wrap your skin in a cotton towel that is wetted with cool water to help soothe arms or legs that have inflammations.

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