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What are different homeopathic remedies for Angina? – Part 2

• Angina is a pain that occurs in chest area which can lead to heart attack or even paralysis, when severe.
• This disease is also known as ‘angina pectoris’.
• This pain is like a discomfort that occurs due to the heart muscles not getting enough blood supply.
• The pain may also occur in some other areas of the body such as shoulders, arms, neck, jaw, or back.
• Angina may also give rise to symptoms like having indigestion.

Homeopathic Remedies for Angina

10. Spigelia [Sep]
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms
• anguishing substernal pain
• which radiates to neck and arms
• irregular pulse
• tendency to syncope
• palpitation
• sharp stitches in heart
• pulse weak and irregular
• full and bounding with aggravation from the least motion

11. Cuprum
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms
• has a slow pulse
• uneasy feeling about the heart
• uneasy pains about the heart due to tobacco
Other remedies with same symptoms
– Nux vomica
– Staphisagria
– Tabacum

12. Tabacum
Dosage: 3x
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms
• angina pectoris in patients with arterio-sclerosis
• in anginas caused by tobacco
• also in the intermittent hearts of the aged

13. Kalmia
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms
• tobacco heart
• a numbness of the right hand and arm

14. Lilium
This remedy is indicated to a person in heart troubles.

Homeopathy Dosage Directions

For self treatment or treatment at home:
A lower potency of the following can be used:
• 6X
• 6C
• 12X
• 12C
• 30X
• 30C
• The instructions of usage are usually available on the label of the box that you have brought.
• Do read it properly and effectively use the remedy.
Several homeopathic physicians recommend the usage of the remedies be used as follows:
• Take one dose.
• Wait for a response.
• If improvement is seen, it is best to wait for the remedy to work.
• If improvement lags then another dose can be taken.
• The frequency of dosage differs with the condition.
• It also differs from individual to individual.
• A dose may be needed several times an hour in some cases.
• In other cases, a dose may be needed several times a day.
• In some other cases, one dose per day can be said to be enough.
• If there is no response then after waiting for some time, it is best to switch to another remedy.
• Follow the same as above with the other one.

Other Alternate Treatments

1. Exercise
• Regular light exercises are very important to have healthy heart.
• Brisk walking and any aerobic exercise are preferred.

2. Fruits and dietary recommendations
Fresh grape fruits
• These fruits carry great value in the treatment of angina.
• Grape fruits tone up the heart by giving protection from various heart ailments.
• This is very useful diet for angina.
• Apples are known to nourish the heart.
• Apple juice and apple jam can be taken in any amounts.
• This is very useful angina remedy.
Vitamin E
• People suffering from angina should increase the intake of vitamin E.
• This will improve the oxygenation of the cells.
• This gives relief from heart problems.

3. General Remedies
• Smoking increases the chances of heart diseases so it should be avoided.
• One should restrict salt intake.
• Have a well balanced diet that contains fruits, vegetables and cereals with natural fiber.
• High blood pressure and diabetes are the main causes of angina and so one should therefore be maintained on these problems.
Include into your diet:
– Grapes
– Castor oil
– Honey
– Lemon
– Garlic
– Lemon peel

Homeopathic Remedies Living with Angina 1001 Home Remedies & Natural Cures

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