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What are different homeopathic remedies for Nasal Polyp? – Part 3

• Nasal polyps are polypoidal masses which come from the nasal mucous membranes.
• These polyps can also come from paranasal sinuses.
• When mucosa overgrows these polyps are formed.
• Sometimes they are associated with allergic rhinitis.
• They polyps move freely and are non tender.

Homeopathic Remedies for Nasal Polyps

10. CASTOREUM (The Beaver)
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms:
• large nasal polyps
• chronic mouth breathing
• obstructive sleep dyspnea
• restless sleep
• frightful dreams and starts.
• hysteria with marked prostration
• day-blindness
• photo-phobia
• debilitating sweat
• constant yawning
• rounded elevation in the center of the tongue
• drawing sensation from center to the hyoid bone.
• amenorrhea
• painful tympanitis

This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms:
• right sided polyps
• arising after injuries to nostril
• coryza with hoarseness
• aphonia
• rawness or soreness of nostrils
• worse in morning
• melancholic
• sad
• hopeless
• extremely sympathetic
• complaints arising after severe mental shock
• long-lasting grief
• sorrow
• fear
• anger
• suppressed eruption
• constipation
• frequent but ineffectual desire
• stool passes better when standing.
• urine involuntary on coughing
• sneezing
• blowing the nose
• cough with rawness and soreness of chest
• difficult expectoration
• relieved by swallowing cold water.
• menses delayed, late
• flow only during day, ceases on lying down
• paralysis of single parts generally of right side
• from exposure to cold wind
• after typhoid or diphtheria.
• warts large
• jagged
• pedunculated
• small, whitish, all over the body.
• aggravation in clear
• better in damp
• wet weather

12. CONIUM MACULATUM (Poison Hemlock)
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms:
• swelling of the nostrils
• red and hot painful
• worse on left side
• purulent discharge from the nose
• nosebleed
• frequent when sneezing
• increased acuteness of smell
• obstinate stoppage of the nostrils.
• adapted to old people
• women during and after menopause
• old bachelors
• cancerous or scrofulous persons with enlarged glands
• rigid fibers
• sedentary lifestyles
• suffering from bad effects of non-gratified sexual desire
• suppressed menses
• domineering
• quarrelsome
• cannot bear contradiction
• dreads being alone
• avoids society
• glandular indurations of stony hardness
• after bruises or injuries to glands
• mastitis before and during menses.
• menses feeble and suppressed
• rash of small, red pimples
• ceases with the flow
• menses stopped by taking cold
• profuse, thick, acrid, milky leucorrhea after menses.
• profuse sweat especially when lying down.
• aggravation on lying down
• aggravation before and during menses
• amelioration while fasting
• gets worse with motion and pressure.

13. FORMICA RUFA (Crushed Live Ants)
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms:
• gout
• articular rheumatism
• mainly right sided and of lower extremities
• pain worse from motion
• better from pressure
• rubbing and after midnight
• attack comes on with suddenness
• restlessness
• nettle rash
• redness
• itching
• burning
• aggravates from cold
• cold washing and damp
• better from warmth
• difficult passage of small quantities of flatus
• drawing pain around the navel before stool
• shuddering chilliness

14. GRAPHITES (Black Lead / Amorphous Carbon)
• sore on blowing nose
• smell abnormally acute
• cannot tolerate flowers
• chronic dryness
• scabs alternating with discharge of fetid mucus
• stuffed coryza leads to headache.
• suited to climacteric women
• inclined to obesity
• suffer from habitual constipation
• tendency to catch cold easily
• history of delayed menstruation
• hypomenorrhea
• suffering from acrid and profuse leucorrhea occurring in gushes before and after menses.
• excessive cautiousness
• indecisive
• fidgety while sitting at work.
• unhealthy skin
• every little injury suppurates
• hard cicatrices
• eruption between fingers and toes
• oozes a watery, transparent, sticky fluid.
• nails are brittle
• crumbling nails
• deformed
• deep fissures in ends of fingers and between the toes.
• hot drinks disagree, especially milk
• aversion to meat and sweets
• increased flatulence
• gets worse from warmth
• gets worse at night
• gets worse during and after menstruation
• better in the dark and from wrapping up.

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