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What are different homeopathic remedies for Nasal Polyp? – Part 5

• Nasal polyps are polypoidal masses which come from the nasal mucous membranes.
• These polyps can also come from paranasal sinuses.
• When mucosa overgrows these polyps are formed.
• Sometimes they are associated with allergic rhinitis.
• They polyps move freely and are non tender.

Homeopathic Remedies for Nasal Polyps

19. NATRUM MURIATICUM (Common Salt / Sodium Chloride)
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms:
• violent, fluent coryza lasting from one to three days and then changing into stoppage of nose
• making breathing difficult
• thin discharge
• watery mucus from nose like raw white of egg
• loss of smell and taste
• great emaciation
• anemic and cachectic
• losing flesh while living well
• emaciation marked in neck
• slow in learning to walk
• face oily, shiny, as if greased.
• cross and irritable
• aggravation from consolation
• awkward
• drops things from hand
• weeping disposition
• suppressive
• introvert
• left-sided migraine
• craving for extra salt, bitter and fish
• great aversion to bread.
• tongue mapped
• imprint of teeth
• constipation that is dry and hard
• difficult stool
• involuntary urination on coughing, laughing or walking
• has to wait a long in presence of others.

– noise
– music
– warm room
– lying down
– at seashore
– mental exertion
– consolation
– heat
– talking

– open air
– cold bathing
– going without regular meals
– tight clothing

20. NITRICUM ACIDUM (Nitric Acid)
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms:
• green casts from nose every morning
• coryza
• with sore and bleeding nostrils
• stitches
• splinter in nose
• chronic nasal catarrh with yellow, offensive, corrosive discharge.

Acts best on persons of:
– rigid fiber
– dark complexion
– black hair and eyes
– nervous temperament
– irritable
– headstrong
– hateful
– vindictive
– inveterate
– ill-willed
– unmoved by apologies
– tongue clean, red and wet with central furrow
– ulcers in mouth with splinter-like pain
– longing for indigestible things
– longing for salt and fatty foods
– aversion to meat
– scanty urine
– dark brown, strong-smelling urine
– anal fissure
– tearing, lancinating pain
– lasting for hours even after soft stool.
– bleeding ulcers in corners of mouth
– splinter-like pain
– zigzag edges
– base like raw flesh
– thin, acrid, offensive discharge.
– large, jagged, pedunculated warts
– bleeds on washing, moist oozing.

This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms:
• polypi bleeding easily
• post-operative hemorrhage
• chronic catarrh
• small hemorrhages
• handkerchief is always bloody
• epistaxis instead of menses
• over-sensitiveness to smell
• foul imaginary odors
• fan-like motion of nostrils.
• young, tall, slender persons of sanguine temperament
• fair skin
• delicate eyelashes
• anemic or chlorotic
• hemorrhagic diathesis
• small wounds bleed profusely
• great weakness
• prostration from loss of vital fluids
• restless
• fidgety
• cannot sit or stand still a moment
• apathetic
• full of gloomy forebodings.
• Weak
• empty
• all-gone sensation in stomach
• great craving for icy-cold food and drink
• craving for ice-cream
• water becomes warm in stomach and vomited.

– weather changes
– before midnight
Amelioration to dark, icy cold food and drinks.

22. SANGUINARIA (Blood Root)
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms:
• nasal polyp mostly right sided
• profuse, offensive, yellowish discharge
• membranes dry and congested
• sudden stopping of catarrh causes diarrhea
• cough of gastric origin.

Climacteric complaints
– burning sensation like from hot water in various part
– flushes of heat
– leucorrhea
– mastitis

Other symptoms:
– circumscribed redness
– burning of cheeks
– periodic sick headache
– begins in the morning
– increases during day
– lasts until evening
– sensation as if head would burst
– pain begins in occiput
– spreads upward and settles over right eye
– better from sleeping
– better in perfect quiet in dark room.
– facial eruption of young women
– especially during scanty menses
– craving for pungent things
– unquenchable thirst
– rheumatism of right arm and right shoulder
– gets worse at night

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