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What are homeopathic remedies for Osteoporosis? – Part 1

Osteoporosis means thinning of bones. It’s a serious condition that may result in tremendous pain with fractures.
Risk factors for osteoporosis include:
• Aging
• Female
• Low body volume
• Low sex hormones
• Menopause
• Smoking
• Some medications

Prevention and treatments for osteoporosis include:
• Calcium
• Vitamin D
• Routine workouts
• Osteoporosis medications

Osteoporosis Symptoms

• Pain
• Height loss
• Compression Fractures of the Back
• Sudden, severe upper back pain
• Weak bones
• Osteopenia

Factors behind Osteoperosis
• Imbalance between new bone formation and old bone resorption
• Body may are not able to form enough new bone
• An excessive amount of old bone could be reabsorbed
• Calcium intake isn’t sufficient
• Body will not absorb enough calcium through the diet
• Bone production and bone tissue are affected
• Lack of certain hormones-estrogen in females and androgen that is faced men.
• Inadequate intake of calcium and vitamin D
• Specified weight-bearing exercise
• Other age-related modifications in endocrine functions
• Overuse of corticosteroids
• Thyroid problems
• Deficit of muscle use
• Bone cancer
• Certain genetic disorders
• Utilization of certain medications

Diagnosis: Exams and tests for Osteoporosis

Different machines measure bone density. Central machines may measure density in:
• Hip
• Spine
• Total body
Peripheral machines may measure density within the:
– Finger
– Wrist
– Kneecap
– Shinbone
– heel
• The DXA-dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry measures the bone density.
• SXA-single-energy X-ray absorptiometry is a method that uses has a smaller X-ray machine which measures bone mineral density.
• Certain machines use ultrasound waves that use pulsing technique through water in order to measure the bone strength and density.
• Odds of fracturing bone can be established employing a program called FRAX.

Homeopathic Remedies for Osteoperosis

1. Calcarea carbonica
This remedy is indicated to a person with the following symptoms:
• easily tired by exertion
• are likely to feel anxious
• overwhelmed from work or stress
• the individual could be chilly
• flabby or overweight
• feel worse from cold and dampness
• lower back pain
• swollen joints
• a sweaty head during the night
• have strong cravings for both eggs and sweets.

2. Calcarea phosphorica
This remedy is indicated with a person while using the following symptoms:
• stiffness
• soreness
• weakness in the bones and joints
Aching inside bones with the:
– Neck
– Spine
– Hips
• Deep tiredness frequently.
• Tiredness after exercise.
• Calcium deposits and bone-spurs may develop.
• General bone-loss.
• Fractures can be slow to heal.
• A feeling of dissatisfaction.
• A substantial desire for travel.
• Change of circumstances needed.

3. Phosphorus
This remedy is indicated to your person using the following symptoms:
• sensitive
• suggestible
• imaginative
• easily tired
• weakened physically
• bones can be less strong than usual
• slow to heal after fractures
• weakness is frequently felt from the spine
• burning pain between your shoulder muscles
• individuals are often tall and thin
• an easily-flushing face
• desire to have refreshing foods
• strong thirst for cold or carbonated drinks

4. Silicea (also referred to as Silica)
This remedy is indicated with a person while using the following symptoms:
• folks are often nervous
• easily tired
• very chilly
• usually sweat at night
• refined or delicate appearance
• often times have weakness inside the spine
• injuries are slow to heal
• generally have a small infection
• moderate exercise often warms the individual up which improves energy.

5. Symphytum
This remedy is indicated to your person with the following symptoms:
• fractures often occur from mild trauma
• pain persists in old, healed fractures.
This remedy is in strengthening and healing bones when new fractures occur.

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