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What’s an asthma flare-up? How a flare-up affects lungs?

Asthma does not affect a person always. It is usually under control until triggered by the stimulus.

Symptoms of an Asthma Flare-up

• Wheezing
• Coughing
• Shortness of breath
• Struggle to breathe
• Rapid breathing even in normal mode
• Unable to speak
• Have retractions
• Muscles suck in the neck and chest

How a Flare-Up Affects Lungs?

• Lungs in the body are responsible for exhaling and inhaling air we breathe.
• The air passes through bronchi generally known as bronchi tubes.
• These tubes swell and obstruct the air passage inside a appear which leads to difficulty in breathing.
• If the person wheezes, these bronchioles try to expand in order to breathe well.
• The surface brings about severity of inflammation.
• These bronchial tubes are blocked because of the phlegm which blocks the airway.
• This narrowing of the tubes is termed broncho-constriction.
• This may lead to less quantity of oxygen inlet into the lungs.

Causes of Asthma Flare-Ups

Common triggers that lead to a flare up of this condition include:
• Tobacco smoke
• Cold air
• Exercise
• Cough
• Infections
• Colds
• Animal dander
• Dust mites
• Mold
• Cockroaches
• Allergies
Starting signs of an asthma flare up include:
• Coughing
• Clearing of throat
• Irregular breathing
• Unusual fatigue
• Trouble in doing regular tasks
• Restless sleep
• Mild chest tightness
• Wheezing

Preventing Asthma Flare-Ups

• Carry an inhaler and spacer always.
• Avoid asthma triggers.
• Take the preventer medicine every day.
• Make an asthma plan of action and follow onto it effectively.

Some Home Remedies for Asthma

• One other healing factor includes the natural agents like Air, sun and water.
• Morning outside is best.
• Avoid mental worries and tensions.

• During the time of bronchial asthma, a jug brimming with honey ought to be placed directly under the nose of patient.
• This will aid the patient to start breathing easily.
• Anybody can also mix 1 teaspoon honey inside a glass of water and still have it three times every day.

• The person should be given garlic cloves which might be boiled in thirty grams of milk daily.

• Prepare ginger tea with minced garlic cloves and take twice a day every morning and evening.

• A teaspoonful of turmeric powder that has a glass of milk 2-thrice every day is recommended.
• It can be highly beneficial when taken before eating anything.

Mustard oil
• When there is an attack of asthma, a little mustard oil should be mixed with little camphor and constantly massaged at the back of the chest.

Honey and lemon and radish
• Blend radish, honey and fresh lemon juice together in a blender.
• Mix approximately twenty minutes and cook in small pan on less heat.
• Take one teaspoon than it each day daily.

• Boil 4-5 cloves in 125 ml of water.
• Add one teaspoonful of honey and drink the mixture twice or thrice per day.

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