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What is the difference between an inhaler and a nebulizer?

• Inhalers and nebulizers are devices which are for administering the rescue and controller medications for asthma.
• These devices are used to administer medicine straight to the lungs for your opening of airway passages.
• These two devices are employed for immediate treatment for disrupted breathing.

What are Inhalers?

Inhalers are:
• Portable
• Handheld
• Affects immediately
These are of two types.

Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI)
• They are like mini aerosol cans.
• They, when pressed, release a pre-measured spray of rescue or the controller medicine.
• Each spray is termed puff.
• Many of the inhalers have counters for measurement of doses that are in the inhaler.
• The puffs must be counted in order to know when the medicine finishes off.

Dry Powder Inhalers
• These inhalers deliver medicine in powder form.
• They can’t release puffs or sprays.
• It is utilized by inhaling the powder from the hand.
• It isn’t advisable for the kids as it is hard to inhale in the proper quantity.

Utilization of Spacer
• Kids who use MDI kind of inhalers need a spacer for the medicine to be effective.
• It will help those kids who are struggling to inhale directly.
• This space is like a pipe.
• This lets the child to inhale the medicine soon after squeezing and inhaling.
• This will not waste the medicine and provides the time to inhale from the spacer.
• This way even smaller kids may also utilize inhaler easily.
• On using directly, with no spacer, the medicine probably will not reach the airways and is left inside the throat.
• Usage of spacer helps the medicine to reach effectively within the lower airways.
• That way medicine will even be employed in a more effective manner.
• There comes a mask and also a mouth piece that provide the spacer.
• The mask helps babies and youngsters, whereas older kids will use mouth piece instead.

What are Nebulizers?

• Nebulizers are machine operated device for asthma.
• This could be used electrically or with a help of battery.
• This machine turns liquid medicine for asthma into the vapor or mist that’s breathed into the lungs using a mask.
• This can also be used with a mouthpiece too.
• It is a bit bulky and noisy.
• This takes extended period compared to the one with spacer.
• This time is approximately 5-10 minutes.
• Nebulizing may be not be as effective particularly if the child is constantly crying due to which the medicine inhaled along is less.
• Ask a doctor to show nebulization using inhaler or through a nebulizer to acquire best benefits.
• This will assist the medicine to go in lower airways properly and work effectively on lungs.

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