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Diet and Nutrition supplements to improve pregnancy problems – Part 1

During pregnancy, diet plays a very important role. A proper diet full of nutrition is a necessary part.

Eat a balanced diet
A balanced, healthy diet that includes
– Lots of fruits
– Vegetables
– Whole grains
– Low-fat dairy products
• A diet that satisfies body’s nutritional needs, satisfies hunger, and decreases cravings is ideal.
• A healthy diet makes you feel better and have more energy.
• Stay at a healthy body weight.

SUPPLEMENTATION: Daily vitamins:
• Beta carotene—a megadose of 100,000 IU
• Vitamin B6-50-100 mg
• Calcium-1,200 mg
• Magnesium-600 mg
• Vitamin E-800 IU
• Folic acid-800 mcg
• Essential fatty acids (flax oil)-1 tbsp.
• Selenium-400 mcg
• Vitamin C-1,000-4,000 mg


• Goldenseal
• Dandelion (fresh leaves can be used in salad)
• Artichoke
• Silybum (milkthistle)
• Burdock (the variety known as gobo root can be eaten)
Take these herbs single or in combination twice daily in the form of:
– 2 tsp. extract
– 2-3 capsules
– 1 cup infusion

To improve pelvic circulation:
• Xanthoxylon
• Ocotillo
• Goldenseal
• Witch hazel

Take these herbs twice daily in the form of:
• 1 tsp. extract
• 1-2 capsules
• 1/2 cup infusion

To balance estrogen production
• Take chaste-tree berry (Vitex)
Take this once or twice daily in the form of:
• 2 tsp.extract
• 2-3 capsules
• 1 cup infusion

Diet Recommendations

• The compounds called indoles are present in vegetables such as kale, broccoli and cauliflower which help to control the metabolism of estrogen.
• Flaxseeds may be useful in the treatment of PCOS as they are found to improve in conditions associated with estrogen.
• Omega-3 fatty acids lead to slowing of abnormal endometrial tissue growth.
• They are present in fish such as sardines, salmon and tuna.
• Fish oil capsules also help to boost the intake of omega 3 fatty acids.
• By combining herbs such as wild yam root, horsetail, red clover blossoms and red raspberry leaves, a beneficial herbal tea for PCOS can be made.
• Combine all the herbs and add them to water and bring to a boil and then let it simmer for five minutes, then cover and allow it to cool and then Strain and drink.
• This tea may be drunk 2 times a day. Have it for 2 weeks time.

Foods that should be avoided such as:
– Caffeine
– Chocolate
– Carbonated beverages
– This can stimulate the symptoms of PCOS and other problems related to pregnancy delay.

What is the 3-month eating plan?

Try to stick to these simple rules:
• Stop dieting
• Eat little and often
• Don’t skip breakfast
• Eliminate all sugar and refined carbohydrates
• Add protein to each meal
• Eat essential fats
Use these diet precautions:
• Use an elimination or rotation diet.
• Try eliminating dairy foods from your diet if you are allergic to them.
• Cut out cooked fats and oils.
• Undigested fats contribute to a toxic internal environment.

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