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Why teeth become yellow? How can you whiten yellow teeth? – Part 2

What treatments are around to whiten teeth?

• Gum chewing has two beneficial actions.
• This helps you to clean enamel by treating debris.
• It also stimulates the production of saliva.
• Drinking plenty of water can also help improve the function on the salivary glands.
• This will be significant as saliva has the capacity to neutralize acid and re-mineralize the enamel.
• This way the teeth are strengthened.
• Fewer problems for our enamel mean fewer discolorations.
• Gum which contains Sorbitol carries a therapeutic anti-bacterial action which supports killing of the decay-causing bacteria.
• However, even gum with sugar is beneficial as the sugar quickly dissolves and turns it into an effectively sugar-free gum after a couple of minutes.
• Rinse the mouth area thoroughly with water after each meal if brushing or chewing gum just isn’t a solution.
• This is especially important when you choose to consume drinks that stain.
• The water will wash out and dilute destruction.
• Gargle with some water around the mouth area and swallow or spit to avoid staining.
• Attempt to eat more crunchy fruits and vegetables. They can be like:
– Apples
– Carrots
– Celery
– Radishes
– peppers
• Your teeth will utilize the gentle rubbing actions that assist to help to keep your teeth clean without causing them any damage.
• Teeth grinding can add to micro-cracking inside teeth.
• It may cause the biting edges to darken.
• Following relaxation sessions can help keep your teeth white.
• This will avoid stress.
• You can even use ‘tooth bleaching’ to whiten the enamel of the teeth.
• Dentists and tooth whitening kits work in a form of hydrogen peroxide.
• This really is far safer than rinsing your mouth yourself.
• The peroxide from the whitening kits is buffered.
• There are devices inside the kits which minimize tissue that comes in contact with the peroxide.
• They are such as trays and strips.
• For really serious stains, a veneer might be suggested by the dentist.
• A Veneer is actually made of porcelain that’s connected to the surface of the natural tooth using a kind of durable cement.
• Veneers are custom-designed to the required shape and color of the tooth.
• The application is painless.
• Veneer approximately lasts around 7-10 years.
• Bonding can be another way of applying an appliance cover on the discolored tooth surface.
• A tooth-colored plastic resin is applied to the tooth by the dentist.
• This is then bonded and sculpted for a proper shape.
• The other way is laser bleaching.
• A dentist utilizes a laser together with a whitening gel to cover the teeth.
• The gel is given to one’s teeth with a laser light.
• It is utilized to activate the crystals.
• These crystals then absorb the energy from the light.
• This energy is used to penetrate the teeth enamel thereby increasing the lightening effect on the teeth.
• It is probably the most expensive remedies, but is often the fastest.

There are numerous strategies to help you get a brighter whiter smile.
– Care for your teeth
– Regular brushing

– sweet
– acidic foods
– staining foods

Be very careful when using the common household remedies like:
– Peroxide
– Acids
– Sodium hydrogen carbonate
– Salt
• They may result in more harm than good ultimately.

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