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Hepatitis – a form of liver disease – Part 2

• Hepatitis is a medical condition when the liver cells are inflamed.
• The phrase hepatitis emanates from the Ancient Greek word hepar which means ‘liver’.
• The suffix Latin itis means inflammation.

Symptoms of Hepatitis

The acute phase of hepatitis – symptoms
• The initial form of hepatitis is named the acute phase.
The symptoms are like a gentle stream, and could include:
• Diarrhea
• Fatigue
• Lack of appetite
• Mild fever
• Muscle or joint aches
• Nausea
• Slight abdominal pain
• Vomiting
• Weight-loss

When the patient feels worse, these symptoms may follow:
• Circulation problems (only toxic/drug-induced hepatitis)
• Dark urine
• Dizziness (only toxic/drug-induced hepatitis)
• Drowsiness (only toxic/drug-induced hepatitis)
• Enlarged spleen (only alcoholic hepatitis)
• Headache (only toxic/drug-induced hepatitis)
• Hives
• Itchy skin
• Light colored feces, the feces could have pus
• Yellow skin

Treatments for Hepatitis

Hepatitis A
• There is absolutely no treatment tailored for hepatitis A.
• Doctor will advise the patient to abstain from alcohol and drugs in the recovery.
• Most patients with Hepatitis A will recover spontaneously.

Hepatitis B
• The patient with Hepatitis B needs to rest.
• He will need a diet that’s loaded with protein and carbohydrate.
• This really is automobile damaged liver cells, and also to shield the liver.
• Your physician may prescribe interferon.
• Interferon is definitely an antiviral.

Hepatitis C
• Someone with Hepatitis C will be prescribed pegylated interferon and ribavirin.

Hepatitis D or E
• There is not an effective treatment for either Hepatitis D or E.
• Non-Viral Hepatitis.
• Should the patient has non-viral hepatitis, your doctor would need to remove the harmful substance.
• It will likely be removed from the stomach by hyperventilation or induced vomiting.
• Patients with drug-induced hepatitis might be prescribed corticosteroids.

Prevention of Hepatitis

Preventing Hepatitis A
• Wash the hands with soap after browsing toilet.
• Only consume food which has just been cooked.
• Only drink commercially bottled water, or boiled water.
• Only eat fruits that you could peel if you’re somewhere where sanitation is unreliable.
• Only eat raw vegetables should you be sure they’ve been cleaned or disinfected thoroughly.
• Receive a vaccine for Hepatitis A in the event you go to places where hepatitis may be endemic.

Preventing Hepatitis B
• Try to determine whether the partner is a carrier of any disease.
• Practice safe sex.
• Only use clean and fresh syringes.
• Don’t share toothbrushes, razors, or manicure instruments
• Possess a Hepatitis B compilation of shots if you’re at risk
• Only allow well sterilized skin perforating equipment (tattoo, acupuncture, etc.)

Preventing Hepatitis C
• If you are infected don’t let others share your toothbrush, razor, manicure equipment.
• If you are infected, cover open wounds.
• Do not share needles, toothbrushes, or manicure equipment.
• Piercing should be done with tools that are well sterilized (tattoo, etc.).
• Go easy on alcohol.
• Do not share drug equipment.

Preventing Hepatitis D
• Utilize same guidelines as for Hepatitis B.

Prevent Hepatitis E
• Do the same as you should guard yourself from Hepatitis A infection.

How to prevent Alcoholic Hepatitis
• Go easy for the alcohol, or avoid consuming alcohol

How to prevent Toxic or Drug Induced Hepatitis
• Make sure you know about the lethal items in all chemicals.
• Make sure the sprayer is just not pointing at you.
• Make sure you wear protective gear.
• Yellowing of eyes, tongue (jaundice).

Healing Hepatitis and Liver Disease Naturally Himalaya Liver Care Dr. Melissa Palmer’s Guide To Hepatitis and Liver Disease

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