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Top 10 Foods That Will Boost Your Mood – Part 2

Some foods that really help in boosting your mood are:

5. Sardine
•Many studies have revealed the point that those who find themselves deficient in Omega 3 and Omega 6 are far more subject to anxiety and depression than those who may have normal levels of fat by the body processes.
• Sardines are abundant with Omega3 fatty acids.
• This elevates the mood and maintains the brain healthy till the end.
• Moreover, sardines also ensure the efficiency of neurotransmitters.
• This is as they keep your brain cells flexible and completely functional through the years.

6. Avocados
• Avocados contain good, healthy fats which might be noted for raising the levels of dopamine and increasing endorphins.
• Consume avocados in the form of shakes or salad.
• This true super food is ideal for lifting your mood.

7. Poultry
• Same as bananas, chicken and turkey also contain high variety of tryptophan which are known to boost the serotonin levels.
• Furthermore, chicken and turkey will also be loaded in tyrosine.
• This is an aminoacid that assists your body manage stress more efficiently.
• Also, it should be mentioned that tyrosine is the unit for norepinephrine and dopamine.
• These are the 2 important neurotransmitters which could influence mood.
• When you eat more tyrosine, it automatically transforms your mood and prevents depression in the end.

8. Dark Leafy Greens
• Consuming dark leafy greens could also treat anxiety and depression as a result of high variety of acid.
• This elevates low mood and reduces fatigue also.
• In addition to vitamin M, dark leafy greens like Lactuca sativa longifolia or spinach guarantee the proper functioning in the nerves and muscles.
• Besides, recent studies have demonstrated that low magnesium levels might cause a drop in the levels of serotonin, thereby causing depression.

9. Eggs
• Eggs can be found in handy to fight depression and transform the frame of mind.
• Eggs are extremely rich in Vitamin D.
• Many studies have shown that Vitamin D can relieve mood disorders.
• It stimulates the output of serotonin inside the brain.
• Moreover, doctors highly recommend consuming eggs in the cold season.
• This is to avoid what is called “winter blues”.
• This can be due to seasonal disorders that affect a large area of the population.
• It can be easily be treated and prevented by consuming eggs all the time.

10. Walnuts
• Walnuts are acknowledged to improve cell health.
• This is mainly because they are the richest nuts in essential fats.
• The fact is that they elevate mood.
• Have ten walnuts daily as it can properly optimize the cell wall composition reducing blood cholesterol levels. It can:
– automatically improve blood circulation
– treat depression
– provide a total sense of happiness and well-being.

These are the basic top ten foods which could boost a mood quickly and naturally. They have virtually no adverse reactions that can endanger your well being. These super foods are inexpensive. All the above-mentioned foods happen to be scientifically proven to lift mood. Hence, you’ll be able to replace supplement and pills with some of these foods.
For anyone who is predisposed to depression and anxiety, it is simple to prevent these bothersome problems by providing proper food. Particular foods improve the efficiency of anti-depressants. They will even prevent relapse eventually.

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