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Is loud music damaging my hearing? – Part 2

Loud music is usually seen:
• at clubs
• gigs
• festivals
• through personal music players
This loudness can cause destruction in your hearing.

What might happen if you damage your hearing?

• Temporary hearing problems can occur once you have been exposed to loud noise for virtually any duration.
• If you have temporary loss of hearing, you’ll not be able to hear normally for a while.
• Don’t worry, it will vanish and usually pass off from a good night’s sleep.
• But it really signifies that the very next time you’re around loud noise, you need to wear protection to avoid permanent hearing problems.
• If not, you might have tinnitus which is a medical term for ringing ears.
• Your ears can feel “full,” too.
• Although your hearing often returns to normalcy, the damaging part is you can snap permanently.
• This can happen when you listen to loud noise or music again and again.
• If someone is encountered with loud noise for a long period of time then one can undergo permanent hearing loss.
• What this means is the person’s hearing will not be competitive with what it once was.
• That is why construction workers and factory workers have to wear ear protection.
• Lawnmowers and DIY equipment, like chainsaws, can also be loud enough to affect someone’s ability to hear high-pitched noises.
• This kind of noise also can spark a person to get tinnitus at all times.
• Listening to loud music may cause exactly the same kind of damage.
• This is particularly if headphones or ear phones are widely-used.
• Some popular musicians have undergone hearing loss and also developed tinnitus.
• This is a true problem for a person who must hear to produce and revel in music.
• One might see that some musicians have a hearing protection when they are playing.
• This helps to keep your hearing in good shape.
• Protect your ears by putting on ear protection if you are using machinery.
• Also remember to turn down the volume, particularly when you’re wearing headphones or ear buds in the car.
• Give your ears an escape every now and then if you love wearing headphones.
• If you’re going to a concert, consider wearing earplugs to protect your ears through a very thumpy music.
• The truth is, special earplugs can be worn if you are going to concerts a whole lot or if you are a musician yourself.

Top ways to protect your hearing

• Do not remove your earwax as it can help to keep your ears healthy.
• Cleaning your ears with cotton buds or using over-the-counter eardrops may harm your ears.
• Excessive noise can permanently damage your hearing.
• Always protect your ears with earplugs or earmuffs in noisy situations.
• Items of cotton or paper towel stuffed inside ears are usually inadequate.
• When you regularly indulge in sports or activities which are noisy including shooting or motor sports remember to wear ear protection.
• Don’t listen to your individual very good music player at high volumes.
• Minimize the number of noisy appliances which parallel run in your house environment.
• Avoid medications which can be dangerous for a hearing.
• Make sure to ask your personal doctor about potential side effects on the hearing.
• Have your blood pressure checked regularly.
• Take medication to maintain high blood pressure in order.
• For those who have loved ones history of the loss of hearing, you may have regular hearing tests so that problems could be recognized and addressed early.

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