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Eleven foods for healthy skin – Part 1

• It’s true that beautiful skin starts from within.
• Good nutrition is often a major factor of keeping your epidermis look and feel healthy.
• The secrets to a clear and wrinkle-free complexion lies in what foods we eat.
• Eating an unhealthy diet of unhealthy foods and pre-packed meals can result in a pasty and unflattering complexion.

What does your skin layer need?

• Eating good amount of fruits and veggies that are abundant in antioxidants is designed for a healthy body as well as your skin.
• Antioxidants can curb the harm caused by unstable molecules known as free-radicals. For example:
– Beta-carotene
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin E
– Vitamin A
• These molecules damages skin cells and cause aging of skin.
• The most effective and affordable way of having antioxidants is to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.
• Another good idea is to stock your grocery cart with foods which are full of omega-3 essential fatty acids. These include:
– wild salmon
– sardines
– fortified eggs
– walnuts
• Omega-3 fatty acids assist in keeping the most notable outer layer of the epidermis strong and intact and help to keep the external toxins and pollutants out.
• As critical as it really is to eat a healthy diet, the skin also needs you to:
– not smoke
– get enough sleep
– get some exercise regularly
– drink enough water
• Be sure you wear sunscreen that has an SPF at least 30 daily.

Some Foods for Healthy Skin

1. Sweet potatoes
• These orange-fleshed potatoes are full of beta-carotene and vitamin A that is a vital antioxidant.
• Beta-carotene helps you to internally protect your skin layer from sun-damage.
• German researchers found that as low as 30 milligrams each day of beta-carotene will help prevent and reduce the redness and inflammation of sunburn.

2. Avocado
• Avocados are abundant in E vitamin.
• This vitamin is essential in:
– cell maintenance
– supports a healthy heart
– healthy blood
– healthy circulation
• It’s provides one of many body’s main antioxidants.
• This also helps in slowing down the ageing of skin cells thereby keeping us looking younger for a longer time.
• Vitamin E is also recognized for diminishing the scars.
• Sunflower seeds and almonds are full of vitamin E.

3. Turkey
• Turkey is full of mineral zinc and selenium.
• Zinc is an antioxidant.
• It is essential for the maintenance of your health by increasing the disease fighting capability or immunity.
• The mineral selenium is vital for the connections in skin.
• It helps in keeping its elasticity.
• Experts say selenium plays an essential role in the health of skin cells.
• Some research says that even skin damaged from the sun is affected with fewer consequences if selenium levels are high.

4. Green tea herb
• Green tea is complete with antioxidants.
• These antioxidants can help in reducing inflammation and protect cell membranes.
• It’s good for overall skin health.
• In conjunction with herbal teas, this is an alternative way to replace water to stay hydrated.
• This tea contains extra health boosts which can be great for your epidermis.

5. Tomatoes
• Tomatoes include a pigment called lycopene, that is responsible for their red colour.
• This is also a powerful antioxidant.
• Lycopene is an excellent source to maintain your skin looking healthier and younger.
• Skin will have advantage due to the high antioxidant content of lycopene.
• Tomatoes and all of its forms undoubtedly are a major way to obtain lycopene. This includes:
– canned tomatoes
– tomato soup
– tomato juice
– tomato ketchup
• Lycopene is also highly concentrated in watermelon.

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