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Impact of smoking on teeth problems

Smoking leads to dental problems, including:
• Bad breath
• Tooth discoloration
• Inflammation of the openings of salivary gland which are present on the roof of the mouth.
• Increased formation of plaque on teeth.
• Formation of tartar on the teeth
• Increased loss of bone within the jaw
• Increased risk of leukoplakia
• white patches inside the mouth
• Increased risk of rise of gum disease which is a leading cause of tooth loss.

Delayed healing process from treatments like:
– tooth extraction
– periodontal treatment
– oral surgery
• Lower success rate of dental implant procedures.
• Increased risk of developing oral cancer.

Bad Breath
• About 50% of the adult population are known to have bad breath at some point or other.
• According to Spielman, 90% of bad breath is caused by bacteria.

Reasons why smoking can lead to Gum Disease?

• Smoking and other tobacco products can lead to gum disease.
• They affect by attaching to bone and soft tissue to your teeth.
• It appears that smoking disrupts the general function of gum tissue cells.
• This interference leads to infections in most smokers.
• They are like periodontal disease.
• It seems to impair blood flow to the gums.
• Wound healing process can be affected.

Pipe and Cigar Smoking will lead to Dental Problems?
• Yes, like cigarettes, pipes and cigars gives rise to oral health problems.
• Depending on a 23-year long study, cigar smokers experience tooth loss and alveolar bone loss which is almost same as to those of cigarette smokers.
• This study was printed in the Journal of the American Dental Association.
• Pipe smokers also have same impact of tooth loss as cigarette smokers.
• Apart from these impacts, pipe and cigar smokers can have oral and pharyngeal (throat) cancers.

Other Oral consequences
– bad breath
– stained teeth
– increased risk of periodontal disease.

Are Smokeless Tobacco Products Safer?

• No
• Smokeless Tobacco products like snuff or chewing tobacco also have about twenty eight chemicals like cigars and cigarettes.
These chemicals can also give rise to:
– oral cancer
– cancer of the throat
– cancer of esophagus
• Chewing tobacco actually will have higher levels of nicotine than cigarettes.
• This nicotine impact may make it harder to quit them.
• One snuff is known to deliver more nicotine as compared to having 60 cigarettes.
• Smokeless tobacco can irritate your gum tissue.
• It causes it to recede or pull away from your teeth.
• Once the gum tissue starts deteriorating, the teeth roots become exposed.
• This creates an increased risk of tooth decay.
• Exposed roots due to gum disease are more sensitive.
• They react to hot and cold or other irritants.
• This makes eating and drinking unpleasant.
• Sugars that enhance the taste of smokeless tobacco also leads to development of tooth decay.
• A study that was published in the Journal of the American Dental Association revealed that chewing tobacco users could have or develop tooth decay when compared to non users by 4 times.
• Smokeless tobacco also typically contains sand and grit, which can wear down your teeth.

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