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What are benefits of flossing?

• Dental floss is a couple of thin filaments that help in eradicating food, plaque and stains from the teeth.
• The floss is inserted gently between the teeth and in a to and fro motion scraped along the teeth sides.
• This removes the food material in between the teeth and especially the gums.

Dental floss can be crafted from:
– Plastic
– Nylon
– Polyethylene
– Silk
• Floss can be flavored or unflavored.
• It can be waxed or un-waxed.
• Another solution tool to offer the same effect is the inter-dental brush.
• Flossing helps to prevent periodontal disease and gingivitis.
• Harvard School of medicine researchers found that flossing removes bacteria and plaque from your teeth and gums.
• This is exactly the same plaque that is absorbed into the blood which enables it to clog arteries and veins.
• Another study found that men with periodontists stood a startling 70% or higher chances of developing heart problems.
• An instance of gingivitis meant to have a 40% increase.
• Imagine the body as homes.
• Once mold enters via an open window it might eventually be blown over the air-con vents to each room of your home.
• Same is the case with plaque on the food we eat which enters in the mouth should be washed or cleaned away.
• If anyone has ever endured mold damage to their residence, it can mean total demolition and rebuilding the home from your start.
• Plaque does the same thing.
• Plaque enters through the gums.
• It later crosses the soft tissue barrier.
• It then flows throughout your bloodstream.
• It then enters into your arteries as part of your heart.
• Flossing after meals, especially after your last meal of waking time, can help you become healthier in a lot of ways.
• Flossing cleans any residual food particles out of your mouth.
• It enhances the tastes.
• Try flossing and brushing after dessert but then do not eat junk all the time.
• Secondly, it releases the pressure from little particles of food which might be stuck in between your teeth and gums.
• The cleaning and flossing should be such that the food stuck on the teeth should also be cleaned or removed out.
• Then there is a halitosis factor.
• Rotten food smells bad.
• It can smell so bad that it smells like an outdoors dumpster in extremely cold temperature constantly in the night.
• Flossing does to your teeth what vacuuming concerning the seats.
• Clean all the cheerios, fries and pacifiers to get stinky.
• Hence floss at least once a day.
• Flossing also whitens the teeth by keeping the teeth healthy and clean.
• Proper flossing sets a motion that removes even plaque buildup and stains.
• This removing of stains and plaque as they set in helps to keep the teeth white.

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