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What are the most common annoyances or niggles of childbearing?

Early signs of pregnancy include:
• Sore breasts
• Lumbar pain
• Heightened sense of smell

1. Swollen and Tender Breasts
• When you regularly get sore breasts around your period you’ll be aware of the feeling:
– Swollen
– Tingly
– Sore
– Feeling of the bra being too tight and restrictive.
• Tender breasts are one of the first signs of pregnancy.
• It occurs on account of rising numbers of estrogen and progesterone.
• This commences due to change in breast tissue in producing the milk.
• That is why there is breast tenderness, soreness and also itchiness in the nipple area.
• These signs can begin even before you know that you happen to be pregnant.
• This can be helped by feeling free to try on a nicely-fitting bra.
• It is best to have a hands-off policy until you feel less tender.

2. Insomnia
• Pregnancy insomnia is specifically high in the first trimester.
• It is quite common.
• Mostly, it arises in the form of relapse to rest after being awakened or due to requirement to wee on a regular basis.
• It is the consequence of stress and worry.
• Overheating can even be a problem.
• In the days of being pregnant you will probably find yourself affected by hot flushes.
• Again, this really is normal.
• It is also the response to a greater pulse along with hormones.
• This is much a first-trimester thing.
• But as your pregnancy progresses into the third trimester, your sleep is going to be disturbed. This is due to:
– your fight to get a comfortable position
– battling against restless legs syndrome
– calf cramps
• This can be helped by upholding your room a little cooler than usual.
• You can wind down for twenty minutes before going to bed so that you will feel more enjoyable while sleeping.

3. Acute Tiredness
• This may not be just your run of the mill.
• This tiredness is due to lack of sleep and hormonal changes.
• Find help by finding out ways to relax.
• Have break periods and take little naps.
• Sleeping whenever you get sleep is also another way to combat sleep.
• It will help to get energy.

4. Increased Olfaction
• If you are suddenly aware that your understanding of smells is quite above normal, you might consider being pregnant.
• It is the pregnancy hormones which are the culprit.
• This heightened olfaction usually affects pregnant women most during the early stages of pregnancy.
• This enables it to trigger morning sickness.
• You can help yourself by carrying around a tissue doused in aromatherapy oil that smells ‘clean’ and refreshing.
• Try lavender or peppermint oil, or your favorite perfume or peppermints.

5. Nausea and vomiting
• Nausea and vomiting are signs of morning sickness.
• It can hit you at your waking time.
• It will start only a few weeks into your pregnancy.
• It is because of the rising numbers of hormones required for child to grow.
• Feel free to eat little to avoid this.

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