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What are causes for leg ache? – Part 1

Leg pain actually means a pain which usually occurs between the pelvis and the heels.
• There are several known reasons lying behind leg pain.
• All of them are not due to a problem beginning in the leg.
• Sometimes the reason can be an injury or a spinal problem.
• Aches or pains in the leg can be an underlying problem of a spine.

Leg pain can be:
– transitory
– long-term
– slowly progressive
– intermittent
– acute
Pain can be within a part of a leg like in knee or heel or can be in a whole limb.

Signs of Leg Pain

• Tingling
• Sharp
• Dull
• Ache
• A stabbing sensation
– Some of the reasons of leg aches cannot be identified at times which can become nonsense.
– Some pains of leg are serious or can be a symptom of a disease.

Causes of Leg Pain

1. Leg pain caused by trauma
• Trauma is a medical and a psychological term for:
– serious injury
– wound
– shock
• It includes:
– broken bones
– damage to bones
– damage to muscles
– joint injury
– combination
• Trauma can be caused due to inflammation of the sciatic nerve.
• The pain extends to leg through sciatic nerve.
• Some pains are due to over usage of legs.

2. Fractures
• Fracture means a break in a bone or a cartilage.
• Trauma is not the only cause for fracture.
• People suffering from osteoporosis usually have weak bones which may lead to fracture.
• Even minimum pressure on such bones can fracture the bone.
• Fractures are the most common reason for leg pain.
• The tissues and nerve ending surrounding the broken bone or cracked bone send a communication or a message of pain to the brain.
• Even a spasm is a result of a fracture in the bone.
• This spasm leads to increase or maximize the pain.

3. Shin splints
• This is known as medial tibial stress syndrome in medical terms.
• It is actually a pain behind the tibia.
• It is also called shinbone.
• The pain can also be along the shin bone.
• When there is much pressure on the connective tissue and shin bone, a Shin splint occurs.
• The tissue connects bone to the muscle.
This is usually experienced during in sport activities like:
– Runners
– Squash
– Tennis
– Soccer
– Basketball
Symptoms include:
– Soreness
– Pain
– Tenderness
– Mild swelling in the affected area

4. Strains or sprains
• Strains are caused by a muscle or tendon injuries.
• Sprains are caused due to ligament injuries.
• When a muscle is pulled and twisted or it undergoes a tear, Strain occurs.
Symptoms of Strain:
– acute pain
– weakness
– muscle spasms
• Trauma is the most common reason for Sprain.
• It can be a trauma of a fall.
• This leads to pain in the muscle and bruise over the area.
• This is particularly intense or sharp while moving.

5. Bleeding
• Internal bleeding because of a wound on the leg can be another reason for leg ache or pain.
• There can be a blood clot or pressure of blood ooze internally that puts a pressure on the tissue surrounding the wound.
• This in turn pressurizes the blood vessels and nerve endings.
• This can cause a severe inflammation leading to a severe pain.

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