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What are causes for leg ache? – Part 2

Leg pain actually means a pain which usually occurs between the pelvis and the heels.
• There are several known reasons lying behind leg pain.
• All of them are not due to a problem beginning in the leg.
• Sometimes the reason can be an injury or a spinal problem.
• Aches or pains in the leg can be an underlying problem of a spine.

Causes of Leg Pain

6. Compartment Syndrome
• This syndrome is caused due to a rise in swelling and pressure on a compartment.
These compartments are the limited spaces through which some parts pass through, like:
– blood vessels
– nerves
– tendons
Symptoms include:
– Tingling
– Numbness
– Severe pain
– Loss of movement in a foot
The nerve can become compressed over the time leading to:
– Paralysis
– Contracture
– Even death

7. Peripheral Artery Disease
• It is abbreviated as PAD and is also known as:
– peripheral arterial disease
– peripheral artery occlusive disease
It actually means block in arteries that are large and not situated in:
– Brain
– Coronary
– Aortic arch vasculature
PAD can be caused by:
– An embolism or thrombus
– Atherosclerosis
– Any inflammatory process
– Stenosis
• Stenosis is a condition in which blood vessels are narrowed down.
• The vessels carrying blood actually become narrower to the leg which leads to reduction of blood supply leading to pain.
• Any simple activity involving leg causes pain.
This can be like:
– Pain
– Weakness
– Numbness
– Cramping in muscles
All of the above arise due to reduced blood flow in the leg which is also called claudication.

8. Leg pain due to arterial disease and exercise
• Intermittent claudication is a condition of peripheral arterial disease in which people have leg pain.
There are several treatment choices which include:
– endovascular revascularization
– drug therapy
• Poor blood supply is also a reason for several other problems like ulcers.
• They are painful too.

9. Deep Vein Thrombosis
• It is abbreviated as DVT.
• This results when a blood clot, also known as thrombus, forms in deep vein.
• It is especially in a leg vein.
• They can be femoral or popliteal veins.
• It usually develops in pelvis.
• Pulmonary embolism can be caused due to thrombus break making its way to the lung.
• There might not be any symptoms in some patients having DVT.
Symptoms of DVT
– Swelling
– Pain
– Tenderness
– Warmth in the affected area
– Pain starts in the calf
– Skin may go red
– Redness at the back of the leg
– Redness below the knee
– Surface veins are engorged

10. Sciatica
• Sciatica is a condition that arises when there is irritation in the sciatic nerve.
• Pain radiates from the backside and along lower back to below the knee.
• This pain extends along the thigh in addition to buttocks.
• Sciatic nerve pain can result in several conditions like a herniated disc that presses instantly on the nerve and skin.
The discomfort, which is often critical, is usually associated with:
– Numbness
– Muscle body weakness
– Stinging
– Complications regulating or rotating the leg
Whenever the weather conditions are extremely chilly, discomfort might become more painful.

11. Peripheral Neuropathy
• This is a condition in which nerves function that are present outside the spine have a problem.
• These involve leg nerves.
– Burning pain
– Pain when lying down
– Problem with reflexes
– Numbness
– Pins
– Needles
– Weakness
Causes of peripheral neuropathy:
– Certain medicines
– Kidney failure
– Vitamin deficiency
– Diabetes
• In acute situations, the patient’s legs may become too susceptible to contact (sometimes gently touching the skin area also hurts).
• Ultimately, the victim may become housebound in case footwear and socks cannot be used and the legs are extremely sensitive to contact the ground (severe cases).

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