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What makes headache serious? When you should see a doctor?

What makes a headache serious?

• Headaches are very common and have many causes.
• But they undoubtedly are a frequent way to obtain stress.
• Headaches are very rarely an indication of certain illness.
• Many headache sufferers concern themselves with having a brain tumor.
• There are many different forms of headaches. These include:
– tension headaches
– sinus headaches
– migraines
– cluster headaches

1. Tension headaches
• The most typical reason behind pain within the head is tension headache.
• The World Health Organization considers that a headache affects about two-thirds of men implying that 80% of most women are affected in this world.
• These headaches are generally felt like a dull pain on both sides of the head.
• They are like a sense of a tight band around the forehead.
• Most of them appear around times of stress.
• They could become serious with tiredness and sometimes after prolonged reading.
• Doing exercise or drinking alcohol usually make these headaches worse.
• Tension headaches can be due to contraction from the neck muscles.
• Simple over-the-counter painkillers including aspirin or paracetamol usually relieve these headaches.
• Hot showers and massage may also be helpful.
• Chronic sufferers should not become too reliant on painkillers.
• This is usually done for relaxing and avoiding stress.

2. Sinus headaches
• Sinus headache is a type of problem with which lots of people recognize themselves.
• This is especially when the person has a bad cold or flu.
– a stuffy head
– pain above or behind the eyes
– pain on either side of the nose
– pain is frequently worse if the head is bent forward.

3. Migraine Headaches
• Migraine is a kind of cause of headache.
• It affects 5 to 8 % of male and 15 to 18 percent of females on a yearly basis.
The headache is often:
– throbbing
– one-sided
– linked to nausea
– vomiting
– worse with bright light and noise
• Specific care is readily available for migraine.
• Many attacks, if recognized of their initial phases, will disappear with a straightforward painkiller and when you lie in the dark and quiet place.

4. Cluster headaches
• A lot like migraine are the cluster headaches.
• These are one sided, usually around the eye.
• There can be feeling of a blocked nose along with a watery eye.
• They may be a hard-to-find sort of headache, affecting men more than women.
• They might be caused by alcohol.
• They may occur frequently.
• They are likely to disappear in weeks or months.

When to see your doctor?

Despite this wide selection of non-serious headaches, sometimes a headache has to be sign of significant disease.
See your doctor if these things relate to you:
• You get regular headaches
• you are aged 50 years or older;
• you have a sudden severe headache ‘unexpectedly’ which might be accompanied by a stiff neck;
• you have a constant headache that is gradually getting worse over days or weeks;
• you have a severe headache combined with fever, nausea or vomiting;
• there is a headache combined with drowsiness, confusion, or loss of memory;
• you’ve got a headache related to a head injury;
• you have a headache combined with lack of sensation or weakness in a component of your system;
• you’ve several headaches in a week;
• you do have a headache linked to your breath
• you have a headache that’s associated with convulsions.

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