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Is flax-seed oil or fish oil good for dry eyes? – Part 1

What are dry eyes?

• Dry eyes are a condition wherein there is an inconvenience in vision due to the disturbance in the tear film.
• When the ocular surface is disturbed then this condition or abnormality arises.
• For a normal vision the tear film coating is essential.
Three primary layers together make this tear film.
– The thinnest is the innermost layer
– The middle layer is the aqueous layer and is also the thickest.
– The last layer is very thin made of fats or lipids.
• When there is an abnormality in the aqueous layer, dry eye condition is caused.
• It is also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS).

Causes of Dry Eyes

• Disorder of the tear film
• Decreased tear production
• Excessive tear evaporation
• Abnormality in the production of mucus or lipids
• Aqueous tear deficiency
• Abnormal production of mucin
Poor production of tears can be due to:
– Age
– Hormonal changes
– Various autoimmune diseases
– Sjogren’s syndrome
– Rheumatoid arthritis
– Lupus
– Stroke
– Bell’s palsy
– Stevens-Johnson syndrome
– Cicatricial pemphigoid

Some medications like:
– Antihistamines
– Antidepressants
– Beta-blockers
– Oral contraceptives
Activities of eyes like:
– Reading
– Watching TV
– Performing a task needing close attention
– Reduced blinking
Insufficient lipid layers due to:
– Meibomian gland dysfunction
– Rosacea
– Following oral isotretinoin medication

Importance of Flax-seeds or fish oil/h2>
• Flax-seed oil and fish oil consist of essential dietary fatty acids which have several health advantages, including prevention or control of dry eyes.
• Further benefits involve lowered risk of heart problems and a decrease of chronic inflammation which can result in a number of severe diseases, such as cancer and stroke.
• Chronic inflammation has also been marked as a root cause of osteoarthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.
• Daily supplements of flax-seed oil or fish oil, when taken alone or in conjunction with lubricating eye drops, look like they might lessen dry eye symptoms.
The symptoms include:
– Burning
– Stinging
– Redness
– Intermittent visual disturbances
– Gritty
– Cratchy
– Filmy feeling
– Itching
– Blurred vision
– Foreign body sensation
– Light sensitivity
• Because of this, a number of eye doctors right now are suggesting flax-seed oil and fish oil supplements to their patients who experience dry eyes.
• Study also recommends these same fatty acids might lessen the danger of macular degeneration and also cataracts.

Flax-seed Oil for Dry Eyes

• The nutritional value of flax-seed oil (and even fish oil) originates from the omega-3 fatty acids which are required for optimum health.
• Flax-seed oil has higher levels of an omega-3 known as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).
• In the course of digestion, ALA is transformed into 2 distinct omega-3 fatty acids.
• They are called EPA and DHA.
• These are utilized all through the body to safeguard cell membranes.
• Freshly ground flax-seeds are a wonderful alternative to flax-seed oil for dried up vision nutrition.
• Flax-seed oil supplements can be obtained both in capsule and liquid varieties.
• Even though flax-seed oil capsules tend to be more beneficial, you may have to take a good number of capsules to attain the regular dose that the eye doctor suggests to deal with dry eyes.

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