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Is flax-seed oil or fish oil good for dry eyes? – Part 2

• Dry eyes are a condition wherein there is an inconvenience in vision due to the disturbance in the tear film.
• When the ocular surface is disturbed then this condition or abnormality arises.
• For a normal vision the tear film coating is essential.

Flax-seed Oil for Dry Eyes

• The nutritional value of flaxseed oil is definitely ruined by light, heat and oxygen.
• When buying liquid flaxseed oil, search for a cold-pressed variety as well as ensure that it stays refrigerated.
• As a substitute to flaxseed oil, you may get the identical omega-3s by grinding whole flax seeds in a coffee grinder and sprinkling the blended seeds over a salad.
• They can also be incorporated to a smoothie or even combining them in fruit juice.
• Should you select this alternative, make sure to utilize the seeds just after grinding them to acquire the total omega-3 benefits.

Well-known eye vitamins consisting of flaxseed oil include:
– Thera Tears Nutrition
– Dry Eye Formula
– Tears Again Hydrate

Major Components of Flaxseed oil

The major components of flaxseed oil are:
– alpha-linolenic acid omega 3 in 57%
– linoleic acid omega 6 in 15%
– oleic acid omega 9 in 18%
• According to the study Flaxseed oil is known to be the world’s richest source of omega 3 fatty acids.
• The presence of Omega 3 fatty acids are 2 times as much as fish oil.
• The components, alpha-linolenic and linoleic acids, are vital for our body and they cannot be obtained through the daily diet.
• The body cannot create them on its own.
• But it is utilized to make other fatty acids by our body.

Comparison of Fish Oil and Flax-seed Oil

• Fish oils and fatty fish are great food options for omega-3 fats vital for brain and eye health. They are like:
– Salmon
– Tuna
– Sardines
• Fish fat consists of the “long chain” omega-3s (EPA as well as DHA), that are the omega-3 fats the entire body requires for vital functions, such as eyesight.
• Conversely, the “short chain” ALA omega-3 fat present in plant foods like flaxseeds has to be converted to EPA and DHA inside the body for valuable eye effects.
• Whenever you eat plant foods, the body transforms approximately 5 percentage of dietary ALA into vital EPA and DHA.
• Grilled salmon is a wonderful source of omega-3 fatty acids to deal with dry eyes.
• Moreover, most Americans’ diets are extremely loaded with omega-6 fatty acids.
• This causes an imbalance that farther decreases the quantity of ALA from plant foods that get converted to EPA and DHA.
• This disturbance also blunts the advantages of EPA and DHA omega-3s acquired instantly from fish and fish oil.
• Omega-6 fats are available in vegetable oils utilized in almost all snacks and prepared food items — whether packed, frozen, restaurant or take-out.
The vegetable oils are like:
– Corn
– Soy
– Cottonseed
– Safflower
– Sunflower
• Researchers agree with the fact that many people should reduce their intake of these types of otherwise healthful omega-6 fats, which obstruct omega-3 assimilation and enhance inflammation once eaten in excess.

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