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Is flax-seed oil or fish oil good for dry eyes? – Part 3

• Dry eyes are a condition wherein there is an inconvenience in vision due to the disturbance in the tear film.
• When the ocular surface is disturbed then this condition or abnormality arises.
• For a normal vision the tear film coating is essential.

Comparison of Fish Oil and Flax-seed Oil

• Fish oils, like flaxseed oil, can be found in capsule and liquid forms.
• A number of them contain lemon flavoring and also are processed in other respects to decrease any “fishy” taste.
• Cod liver oil is yet another high-quality source of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids.
• A far more pleasant method of obtaining fish oil benefits is simply by eating grilled cold-water fish at least 3 times per week.

Good options for EPA and DHA omega-3s are:
– Salmon
– Sablefish
– Tuna
– Halibut

Well-known eye supplements which contain fish oil or cod liver oil include:
– TheraTears Nutrition
– BioTears
– HydroEye

Flaxseed Oil or Fish Oil, which of them is better?

• Since fish oil consists of natural EPA and DHA omega-3s (that don’t need to be transformed from ALA), several nutrition experts suggest fish oil over flax-seed oil.
But additional factors may be worth considering:
• If you happen to be a vegetarian, ground flax seeds or flax-seed oil can become your desired choice.
• Ground flax seeds tend to be more economical when compared with either fish oil or flax-seed oil supplements.
• The U .S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies omega-3 fatty acids from species of fish as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe).
• But, fish oil could cause stomach upset and/or diarrhea in many people, particularly in higher doses.
• Other probable side effects consist of increased burping, acid re-flux, heartburn and abdominal bloating or pain.
• Danger of such side effects could be reduced when you take fish oils with daily meals and if you begin with low doses.
• A fishy aftertaste is frequent with certain fish oil supplements.
• This is often decreased by refrigerating the capsules or liquid, or by buying brands that guarantee no such issues.
• Issues concerning mercury poisoning from fish oils usually are unproven.
• When contained in waterways, methyl mercury builds up in fish meat a lot more than in fish oil, and tests of fish oil supplements demonstrate they often have little or no mercury.
• Yet, if it is an issue, making use of flax-seed oil as a substitute removes this problem.

Safety measures about Flax-seed Oil

• Like with any nutritional supplement, it’s best if you check with your family physician or eye doctor before having considerable amounts of flax-seed oil or fish oil for dried out eyes.
• This is particularly correct in the event you take any specific prescription or non-prescription medications, as unfavorable drug interactions can occur.
• Be particularly cautious in the event you take blood thinners (even aspirin).
• This is because both flax-seed oil and fish oil may boost the chance of bleeding and also decrease blood clotting when utilized together with these types of medication.
• Long-term usage of fish oil might cause a vitamin E deficiency in many people.
• Hence, it’s recommended that you check out fish oil supplements that additionally contain vitamin E, or perhaps have a multiple vitamin which contains this vitamin should you take fish oil supplements for dried up eyes.

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