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How does good diet and nutrition benefit eyes? – Part 1

There’s been much involvement in the role of nutrition and food supplements. These are like:
– Vitamin tablets
– Their influence on vision
• The main focus is regarding how vitamin supplements might affect age-related eye conditions. This includes:
– Age-related macular-degeneration (AMD)
– Cataracts

Need for Good Nutrition

• Good nutrition is very important for your body and eye health.
• Good nutrition helps our bodies in:
– Growing
– Repair
– Wear and tear
– Drive back infection
– To function properly
• A close watch condition called ‘xerophthalmia’, a frequent cause of childhood blindness in developing countries, is an effective illustration showing how nutrition and eye health are linked together.
• This condition is the result of an insufficient vitamin A in the person’s diet.
• It may be prevented by eating:
– Vegetables
– Fat -animal and plant
• Protein diet include:
– Meat
– Eggs
– Cheese
– Fish
– Poultry
– Milk
– Yoghurt
– Dairy
– Nuts
– Seeds
– Pulses
– Grains
There are lots of books on nutrition and eating a well-balanced diet.

Vitamins and the Eye

• In various studies and clinical trials antioxidant vitamins obtained in particular foods are actually related to eye health.
• They assist to help keep healthy cells and tissues within the eye.
• The main focus has been within the anti-oxidant vitamins A, C and E.
• These vitamins are available in many different sources of fruit and vegetables like:
– oranges
– kiwis
– grapefruit
– dried apricots
– tomatoes
– peppers
– raw carrots
– green leafy vegetables including kale and spinach
– green peas
– green beans
– brussel sprouts
• They could also be found in:
– Nuts
– Seeds
– Dairy
– Eggs
– Not many antioxidant vitamins are found in the food types.

Lutein and Eye Health

• More recently it is suggested that 2 kinds of antioxidants, often known as ‘carotenoids’, called Lutein and Zeaxanthin can also help with eye health.
• Some reports have found men and women who may have a great diet abundant with carotenoids, particularly lutein and zeaxanthin, employ a lower risk of developing AMD.
• Lutein and Zeaxanthin are available naturally in vegetables and fruit.
For example, Lutein is found in:
– Yellow peppers
– Mango
– Bilberries
• Leafy green vegetables, for example:
– Kale
– Spinach
– Chard
– Broccoli
• Zeaxanthin is found in:
– orange sweet peppers
– broccoli
– corn
– lettuce
– spinach
– tangerines
– oranges
– eggs
Several food types have vitamins A, E and C mixed together.

Vitamins Supplements and Diet

• A big research trial, called the ‘Age-Related Eye Disease Study’ (AREDS), established that high quantities of the antioxidant vitamins A, C, E, beta-carotene as well as the minerals zinc, phosphorous and copper as cupric oxide, will help you to reduce AMD progressing.
• It would be very difficult to receive large quantity of vitamins in the trial from your diet.
• Therefore, some individuals with AMD should have supplementation of antioxidants as well as vitamins.
• Such high dosages of minerals and vitamins may have possible uncomfortable side effects on our bodies.
• For that reason it’s very important to consult a medical expert first before you take a supplement.

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