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What is vaginal thrush or candidiasis?

• Vaginal thrush is a candida infection which is quite common.
• Also referred to as candidiasis, yeast infections might establish themselves in the warm and damp areas of the body like the vagina, mouth area and skin.

What can cause a vaginal yeast infection?

• The Candida albicans yeast bacteria is responsible for 80% to 90% of vaginal yeast infections.
• Usually, the body generates bacteria that maintain Candida under control.
• However, when candida multiplies and surpasses the body’s capability to bring it under control, vaginal thrush can occur.
• This may occur if you become sick or come under a great deal of stress.
• The possibility of a vaginal candida infection is increased in the event you take antibiotics or use contraceptive tablets that contain oestrogen.
• Making use of contraceptive diaphragms, coils as well as sponges may also likely increase the probabilities.
• Ladies who are expecting, have diabetes or are immuno-suppressed have greater risk of vaginal thrush.
• It is certainly not a sexually transmitted infection.

Vaginal thrush Signs and Symptoms

• Vaginal thrush is a candida infection.
• Well-known symptoms include:
– Discomfort
– Itchiness
– Vaginal discharge
• With vaginal thrush, women could experience discomfort while urinating or when having sexual intercourse.
• You might also suffer from vulval irritation and discomfort.
• A dense white or watery vaginal discharge is often prevalent.
If you believe you have vaginal thrush and the signs or symptoms do not solve on their own with therapy, seek medical advice.

Exactly how vaginal thrush is clinically diagnosed?

• Your physician may diagnose you with vaginal thrush based on the detailed description of your signs or symptoms and perhaps a vaginal examination.
• Vaginal thrush is a candida infection.
• In the course of the examination, your physician might take a vaginal swab to check out the candida under a microscope.
• This will help to confirm that you might have a vaginal yeast infection.

What is the remedy for vaginal thrush?

• For those who have experienced vaginal thrush before and are assured that is what you have again, it is possible to treat it with an over the counter topical ointment or cream, or pessary that dissolves in the vagina.
• These types of topical solutions might cause burning or irritation.
• An oral anti-fungal medication is also accessible without non-prescription.
• If non-prescription medicines are not proving to be effective, your doctor might recommend an alternative anti-fungal remedy.
• Vaginal thrush may be more complicated for several groups of women.
• If you feel you have got vaginal thrush and fit in one of the categories below, then you definitely should seek medical advice rather than try to treat yourself.

Who are at higher risk?

• Females with diabetes
• Expecting mothers
• Women with weakened immune systems
• Women who experience four or more vaginal yeast infections in about a span of twelve months.

Vaginal thrush Prevention

The following might help prevent vaginal thrush:
• Put on cotton or silk underwear, that allows excess dampness to evaporate, in contrast to nylon and other synthetics.
• Clean and dry your under garments thoroughly and change it frequently to avoid dampness which might increase the possibility of vaginal thrush.
• Stay away from using feminine deodorant sprays or other products because these might increase the possibility of a vaginal yeast infection.
• Keep in mind that making use of sanitary towels might increase the chances of acquiring vaginal thrush.
• Some women claim consuming yoghurt which contains active cultures helps prevent thrush.

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