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How is neck problem and headache related? – Part 2

• Individuals that are tormented by neck pain and headaches are typically turning out to be un-diagnosed or misdiagnosed as tension headaches or migraines.
• If this type of kind of headache arises pretty frequently, then it is most frequently due to a trouble in the upper spine, shoulder or most significantly the neck.
• These types of headaches and neck pain are likewise medically referred to as cervicogenic headaches.

The Cause of Neck Pain and Headaches

3. Degenerative Disk Disease
• There are disks that are located between every vertebra in the spine and they will get worn out away with ageing.
• A lot of people above the age of forty generally possess certain disk degeneration issues that may be conveniently noticed from X-ray scans.
• Seniors have risks of afflicted with spine problems.
• Degenerative disk disease may cause neck discomfort and headaches or else properly treated.
• The frequent cure for the disease may include however are not restricted to the following:
– Massage treatment
– Workout routines
– Medicines
– Surgical treatments

4. Headaches and Neck Discomfort from Arthritic Difficulties
• It is general for individuals over the age of forty to get some sort of wear and tear in their cervical spine. Arthritis in the spine increases the chance of cervicogenic headaches; sometimes, this may be inherited from mother and father.
• In most cases, individuals with Arthritic difficulties may also experience degenerative disk disease.
• With the issue being compounded, it is extremely likely for the patient to grow persistent headaches and neck discomfort.

5. Additional Causes
• Whilst the above are certain frequent reasons behind cervicogenic headaches, in addition there are other factors that will trigger the headaches.
• Other forms of injuries like bone fracture or a bad fall might sometime result in neck and headache pain also.
• Occasionally an injury is only going to cause a small damage yet may continue to deteriorate your tissues and muscles which after that result in problems at later phases.

Symptoms of Cervicogenic Headaches

• Discomfort in shoulders
• Flexibility of neck becomes restricted
• Neck movements or pressure on neck will lead to headache and discomfort
• Neck becomes sensitive to touch
• Pain increases when lying or sitting down for long periods of time
• Have minor neck discomfort before encountering severe headaches

Diagnosis and Treatment of Headaches and Neck Pain

• A physical examination
• X-rays
• CT
• MRI scans

Treating Neck Headaches
– Injections
• Trigger Injections
• Botox Injections
• Joint Injections
• Nerve Block Injection

– Medications
Low dosages of
• Pamelor
• Aventyl
• Elavil

• Ibuprofen
• Ketoprofen (Orudis)
• Naproxen sodium (Anaprox)
• Piroxicam (Feldene)

Preventive Medications
• Tegretol
• Topamax
Topamax may have the following side effects:
– Sense of fogginess
– Fatigue
– Tingling sensation in fingers and toes
– Loss of weight

Over-the-Counter Medications
– OTC creams
– Lidocaine skin patch
– Go for a massage

Other treatments
– Chiropractic Treatment
– Physical/Physio Therapy
– Corrective Surgeries

There are 2 types of surgical procedures
• Spinal Fusion
• Radiofrequency Neurotomy

The Neck Connection The Headache and Neck Pain Workbook Fixing You: Neck Pain & Headaches

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