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What are foods to avoid during pregnancy? – Part 1

Be careful with certain foods
• You will find certain foods not to eat while you’re pregnant simply because they tend to make you ill or hurt the baby.
• Be sure you are familiar with the crucial facts regarding which foods you ought to avoid or take additional care with if you’re pregnant.
• It is best to look at this entire page to know more.

Below are certain foods that you need to careful from eating or consuming in excess quantities:

• Some types of cheese
• Pate
• Raw or partially cooked eggs
• Raw or under cooked meat
• Cold cured meats
• Liver Supplements containing vitamin A
• Certain types of fish
• Raw shellfish
• Sushi
• Peanuts
• Unpasteurized milk
• Foods with soil on them
• Caffeine

1. Some types of cheese to avoid
• Don’t consume mould-ripened smooth cheese irrespective of whether it’s made out of cows’ or goats’ milk.
• These are like:
– brie
– camembert
• It’s also wise to stay away from soft blue-veined cheeses, like:
– Danish blue
– Gorgonzola
– Roquefort
• The reason being soft cheeses being significantly less acidic than hard cheeses.
• Additionally they have more moisture.
• This means they might be a perfect environment for harmful bacteria, like listeria, to develop in.
• Even though infection with listeria (listeriosis) is uncommon, it is very important take specific precautions in pregnancy.
• This is because even a minor form of the ailment in a pregnant woman can result in miscarriage, stillbirth or even extreme illness in a newborn baby.
• These are the symptoms of listeria.
• If you’re pregnant and exhibiting signs of listeria infection then immediately seek medical help.
• Hard cheeses which are safe to eat. You can consume hard cheeses like:
– Cheddar
– Parmesan
– Stilton
• This is true even though they are made out of un-pasteurized milk.
• Hard cheeses don’t have enough water like soft cheeses.
• Hence, the bacteria are not likely to develop in them.
• It is probable for hard cheese to contain listeria, however the danger or risk associated is very low.
• Many soft kinds of cheese are fine to eat, however it is best to ensure that they’re made out of pasteurized milk. These include:
– Cottage cheese
– Mozzarella
– Feta
– Cream cheese
– Paneer
– Ricotta
– Halloumi
– Goats’ cheese
– Processed cheeses such as cheese spreads
• Comprehensive cooking ought to kill any bacteria in cheese , therefore must be safe to eat cooked mould-ripened soft cheese. Cooked soft cheeses which are fine to eat are:
– Brie
– Camembert
• It is fine to eat cooked soft blue cheese like:
– Roquefort
– Gorgonzola
• It’s fine to eat food that contains these cheeses.
• It’s crucial that you ensure the cheese is extensively cooked until it’s hot right through.

2. Pate
• Avoid all kinds of pate which include vegetable pates.
• These types of pates should not be consumed as they can contain listeria.

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