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What are foods to avoid during pregnancy? – Part 3

Be careful with certain foods
• You will find certain foods not to eat while you’re pregnant simply because they tend to make you ill or hurt the baby.
• Be sure you are familiar with the crucial facts regarding which foods you ought to avoid or take additional care with if you’re pregnant.
• It is best to look at this entire page to know more.

Below are certain foods that you need to careful from eating or consuming in excess quantities:

7. Liver products
• Don’t consume liver or liver products like liver pate or liver sausage, since they might contain lots of vitamin A.
• An excessive amount of vitamin A can damage your baby.
• Vitamin and also fish oil supplements
• Don’t adopt high-dose multivitamin supplements, fish liver oil supplements or perhaps any supplements having vitamin A.
Some types of fish that should not be consumed:
– Shark
– Marlin
– Swordfish
• Restrict the quantity of tuna you consume.
• A maximum of 2 tuna steaks per week (approximately 140g cooked or 170g raw each), or 4 medium-sized cans of tuna per week (approximately 140g once drained).
• These kinds of fish consist of higher levels of mercury which could damage the baby’s growing nervous system.
• Don’t consume greater than 2 portions of oily fish per week. Oily fish consists of:
– fresh tuna (but definitely not canned tuna)
– salmon
– mackerel
– sardines
– trout
– raw shellfish
• Consume cooked instead of raw shellfish such as:
– Mussels
– Lobster
– Crab
– Prawns
– Scallops
– Clams
This is since they might contain harmful microorganisms and viruses that will cause food poisoning.

8. Sushi
• It’s alright to consume sushi and other dishes made out of raw fish while you’re expecting provided that the fish utilized to make it was frozen first.
• It is because sometimes fish consists of small parasitic worms that might get you ill.
• Freezing destroys the worms and also tends to make raw fish secure to eat.
• A lot of the sushi sold in shops is not produced at the shop.
• This kind of sushi ought to be fine to eat, since if a shop or restaurant purchases in readymade sushi, the raw fish utilized to make it should have been frozen at minus 20ºC not less than 24 hours.
• If you’re at any doubt, you could choose to prevent eating the sorts of sushi which contains raw seafood like tuna.
• The most secure solution to enjoy sushi is to select the fully cooked or vegetarian types, which could include:
Cooked seafood like:
– fully cooked eel
– shrimp
Vegetables like:
– cucumber
– maki
Avocado like:
– California roll
• Fresh, raw seafood is potentially risky because it can contain parasites, although freezing and cooking kills the parasites.
• If a shop or restaurant makes its own sushi on the premises, the fish might not have been frozen. If you’re concerned, ask the staff.
• If you make your own sushi at home, freeze the fish for at least 24 hours before using it.
• Some raw fish used to make sushi, such as smoked salmon, doesn’t need to be frozen before it’s used.
• This is because smoking kills any worms in the fish.

9. Milk
• For those who have milk , consume only pasteurized or UHT (ultra-heat cured) milk – occasionally also referred to as long-life milk.
• If just raw (unpasteurized ) milk can be acquired , boil it first.
• Don’t consume unpasteurized goats’ or sheep’s milk or munch foods made out of them , like soft goats’ cheese .

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