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What are foods to avoid during pregnancy? – Part 4

Be careful with certain foods
• You will find certain foods not to eat while you’re pregnant simply because they tend to make you ill or hurt the baby.
• Be sure you are familiar with the crucial facts regarding which foods you ought to avoid or take additional care with if you’re pregnant.
• It is best to look at this entire page to know more.

Below are certain foods that you need to careful from eating or consuming in excess quantities:

10. Peanuts
• If you wish to eat peanuts or foodstuff including peanuts (like peanut butter) in pregnancy, you can actually choose to accomplish this as an element of a healthy balanced food plan, except if the person is allergic to it or a medical professional recommends you not to have them.
• You might have heard that earlier some women preferred never to eat peanuts if they were expecting.
• It is because the government previously recommended women that they might want to stay away from eating peanuts in the event there was a history of allergy in their child’s immediate family members.
These allergies can be like:
– Asthma
– Eczema
– Hay fever
– Food allergy
– Other forms of allergy
• This has right now been altered since the latest studies have shown that there is certainly no obvious proof to state if consuming peanuts in pregnancy affects the odds of your baby growing having a peanut allergy.

11. Ice cream
• Smooth ice creams ought to be alright to eat when you’re expecting, because they are processed products made out of pasteurized milk and eggs, so any specific chance of salmonella food poisoning happens to be eliminated.
• However, for those who have any kind of concerns regarding eating these items, you may want to prevent them while you’re expecting.
• For home-made ice-cream, make use of a pasteurized egg alternate or make an egg-free recipe.

12. Foods with soil on them
• Wash every fruit and vegetable to make salads.
• This is to eradicate all traces of soil and also visible dirt.

13. Caffeine
• High quantities of caffeine can lead to babies having a reduced delivery weight, which could increase the chance of health issues in later life.
• An excessive amount of caffeine may also result in miscarriage.
Caffeine is naturally found in plenty of foods, like:
– Coffee
– Tea
– Chocolate
– Some soft drinks
– Energy drinks
– Cold and flu remedies
• Caffeine may not be avoided completely, however it is best to not to have more than 200mg in a day.
• The amount of caffeine that is present in food and drinks is roughly about as follows:
– one cup of instant coffee: 100mg
– one cup of filter coffee: 140mg
– one cup of tea: 75mg
– one cola can: 40mg
– one energy drink can : 80mg
– one 50g bar dark chocolate: 50mg
– one 50g bar milk chocolate: 25mg
Have the following as an alternative:
– decaffeinated tea and coffee
– fruit juice
– mineral water

14. Avoid Herbal Tea
• There’s very little information on the outcomes of particular herbs on developing babies.
• Because of this, prevent drinking herbal tea unless of course your health care provider states it’s OK.
• This is true for even the kinds of herbal tea manufactured in particular to expecting mothers.

15. Avoid Alcohol
• One drink isn’t more likely to harm your baby; however no degree of alcohol happens to be proved safe in pregnancy.
• The safest bet would be to stay away from alcohol entirely.
• Think about the risks.
• Mothers who consume alcohol have a greater chance of miscarriage and also stillbirth.
An excessive amount of alcohol in pregnancy can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome, which could result in:
– facial deformities
– heart problems
– low delivery weight
– mental retardation
• Even average drinking can affect your baby’s mind development.

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