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How Vitamin C does benefit your eyes?

• Eye well-being is not some thing we frequently take into consideration – until there is trouble with our sight.
• The most effective ways you may take care of your eyes would be to get lots of Vitamin C.
• It’s always been known that Vitamin C is useful for our entire body.
• However, did you realize it’s especially great for our eyes? The latest research has discovered that our eyes require consistent doses of Vitamin C to function effectively.

Vitamin C Beavers

• Vitamin C is a powerhouse which enables to maintain our entire body healthy.
• It stimulates healthy bones, skin as well as blood vessels.
• It contributes greatly to sustain our immune system and also connective tissue.
• It’s also an excellent antioxidant that battles free radicals and also oxidative pressure.

Eyes Require Nourishment
• Our eyes are frequently referred to as the most complex organ in the human body.
• They are made up of delicate blood vessels, neurological cells as well as connective tissue.
• It’s not astonishing then that our eyes have the benefit from Vitamin C.

Exactly how does Vitamin C instantly effect on our eye health?

• The aqueous humor is the watery liquid that fills the area between the cornea and iris.
• The liquid nourishes and also shields the cornea and lens and also provides the eye its form.
• Aqueous humor provides quite high levels of Vitamin C – considerably more than our blood.
• Sustaining higher levels of Vitamin C in the aqueous is important to nurture the eyes and safeguard them from oxidative pressure.

Vitamin C Safeguards against well known Eye Diseases

Ensuring that you receive a good amount of Vitamin C will help prevent eye ailments including:
1. Cataracts
• Cataracts arise when the lens of the eye clouds over.
• Frequent consumption of Vitamin C will help maintain the lens transparency and clarity.

2. Glaucoma
• Glaucoma is referred to as the ‘sneak robber of sight’ since the lack of vision is indeed gradual.
• Glaucoma is represented by the gradual loss of optic nerve cells.
• It had been once believed that intraocular pressure in the eyeball triggered glaucoma.
• It’s currently known that not everybody with glaucoma carries raised intraocular pressure.
• But, as far back as 1972 Italian researchers found that frequent intake of Vitamin C assisted lower the intraocular pressure in the eyeball of individuals with glaucoma.

3. Macular Degeneration
• Macular degeneration influences our central vision which is the biggest cause of blindness in Australia.
• The highest possible threat factor for acquiring age-related macular degeneration is aging.
• Several studies have discovered that as we grow older we don’t consume as healthily as we ought to and that our food plans may deficit essential nutrients.
• Scientists realize that individuals with a diet rich in Vitamin A foods like dark green leafy vegetables are unlikely to acquire age-related macular degeneration.
• It is currently believed that deficiencies in Vitamin C may maximize our chance of developing age-related macular degeneration too.

4. Eyes Must Bathe in Vitamin C
• In the latest study mentioned above US scientists at Oregon Health and Science University discovered that neurological cells in the retina have to be ‘bathed’ in large doses of Vitamin C to function.
• This might be especially essential in the treatment of many eye – and brain – ailments because retinal nerves are members of the central nervous system.

Vitamin C Food items
The best solution to make sure you obtain lots of Vitamin C is the food with a varied diet. Foods rich in Vitamin C include:
• Red capsicum
• Green capsicum
• Strawberries
• Broccoli
• Tomatoes
• Citrus fruits
– Vitamin C is important for good eye health.
– Take care of the eyes by eating foodstuff rich with Vitamin C.

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