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What are benefits of yoga during pregnancy?

• Yoga will help you maintain a healthy shape in the course of during and after motherhood.
• Yoga is a very old Indian method of exercise with a holistic method, indicating it tackles a person’s health overall – mind and body – in contrast to other variations of exercise.
• Yoga’s origins could be traced back around five thousand years and its title implies to join, or to unite.
• It offers various poses, referred to as asanas that ought to be held steady, whilst managing the breathing.
• The inhaling and exhaling techniques, which happen to be central to yoga, are referred to as pranayamas.
• Every asana possesses its own benefits and targets various areas.
• The outlook behind yoga is the fact that by every day practice, you are going to become more concentrated and relieved from tension and be able to tone the physique simultaneously.

Yoga and Pregnancy

• Prenatal yoga is not simply regarding staying in form, in sound physical, psychological and spiritual well-being, thereby encouraging a healthy you along with a healthy baby.
• A lot of women think that yoga will help them get ready for the pressure of labor, delivery and motherhood.

Physical Advantages of Yoga in Pregnancy

• Yoga stretches and workouts delicately develop your muscle tone, adaptability and strength without stressing the joints.
• The gradual and pleasant movements are perfect for pregnancy.
• As the abdomen expands, your center of gravity changes, asanas will help you to sustain your balance and posture.

• Yoga improves:
– blood circulation
– lowers water retention
– strengthens the pelvic muscles
– alleviation of common ailments , like lower back pain in the 3rd trimester
• More beneficial blood pressure administration with yoga may substantially lessen the chance of pre-eclampsia.
• Particular asanas enable you to deal with typical problems such as:
– nausea
– constipation
– gas
– backache
– depression
• Consistent practice of inhaling and exhaling techniques instruct the mind to remain calm and handle pain much better, thereby making birth simpler for you.

Emotional Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy

• Meditation makes it possible to handle mood swings and boosts your feeling of self-awareness.
• Pranayama will relieve your physical and mental stress and promote positive thoughts and improve emotional stability.
• Yog Nidra makes it possible to get over fatigue and leaves you experiencing rejuvenated. An hour or so of yog nidra is equivalent to four hours of relaxing sleep.
• Meditating brings you emotionally closer to baby.
• A feeling of well-being and self-awareness.
• Helps with delivery and post delivery times.
• Boosts circulation.
• Helps with fluid retention.
• Relieve aches and pains.
• Strengthens abdominal muscles after delivery.
• Improves your pelvic area.

Starting Yoga in Pregnancy

• It is better to do yoga under supervision.
• There are several types of yoga like Hatha, Ivengar, which involves a lot of movement.
• Expecting mothers should talk to their yoga teacher before going ahead and doing them.

Safety guidelines
Postures that involve the following should be strongly avoided:
• Any position which feels uncomfortable
• Lying on the front
• Strong back bends
• Using the tummy muscles
• Balance
• Overstretching of the body

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