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What are the best vitamins and minerals for memory? – Part 2

• Memory is a 3-stage process wherein encoding, storage and retrieval take place.
• One can boost their memory using vitamins, diet plans, exercises and home remedies.

Leading Vitamins and Minerals for Memory

6. Antioxidants
• Vitamins C, E, and beta carotene are antioxidants which are crucial vitamins for memory sharpness.
• The amount of Vitamin C required by a person is about 75 mg in women and about 90 mg in men whereas the amount of Vitamin E in its natural form is about 22 IU.
• It safeguards the human brain tissue by breaking up free-radicals that happen to be the toxic kinds of the oxygen molecule naturally present in the bloodstream.
• It helps prevent free-radicals to damage the operation of the neurons in the human brain.
• Prevents harm to the fundamental human brain structures.
Foods containing Antioxidants are:
– Blueberries
– Strawberries
– Other berries
– Sweet potatoes
– Red tomatoes
– Spinach
– Broccoli
– Green tea
– Nuts
– Seeds
– Citrus fruits

7. Magnesium
• The amount of Magnesium required by a person is 300 mg per day.
• It is an important human brain nutrient.
• It shields the human brain from neurotoxins.
It helps in:
– Protein synthesis
– Muscle and nerve function
– Blood glucose control
– Blood pressure regulation
– Energy production
– Oxidative phosphorylation
– Glycolysis
– Synthesis of DNA, RNA
– Role in transfer of calcium and potassium ions across cell membranes
It is needed for:
– Nerve impulse conduction
– Muscle contraction
– Normal heart rhythm
Foods containing Magnesium
– Nuts
– Seeds
– Dark leafy greens
– Whole grains

8. Omega-3 Fatty acids and DHA
• The body cannot generate DHA on its own and can be obtained only from external foods and supplements.
• The amount of Omega-3 fatty acids required by a person is 900 mg per day.
• Omega 3 boosts memory and human brain functionality.
• It safeguards the human brain against an inflammatory reaction and excessive cholesterol levels.
• It keeps the human brain cellular material adaptable.
• It deals with memory loss.
Food sources for Omega-3
– Salmon
– Herring
– Tuna
– Halibut
– Mackerel
– Walnuts
– Flaxseed
– Trout
– Sardines
– Avocadoes
– Canola oil
– Olive oil

9. Fruits and vegetables
• Consuming plenty of fruits that are rich especially in Vitamin C and E are linked to memory improvement.
• The number of servings of fruits and vegetables required by a person are eight per day.
• Fruits and vegetables are responsible for the improved verbal memory.
• They safeguard the human brain from free-radicals.
• Fruits happen to be good cleansers for the body.
• It lessens the toxins inside the body.
• Nutrient rich foods
Fruits and vegetables to be included in the diet plan to acquire Vitamins for memory are:
– green leafy vegetables
– berries
– mango
– grapefruit
– oranges
– lemons
– limes
– papaya
– pineapple
– strawberries
– broccoli
– cabbage
– cauliflower
– peppers
– tomatoes
– walnuts
– sunflower seeds
– almonds
– hazelnuts
Keeping the above aspects in mind and applying the vitamins in the daily diet plan shall certainly help every individual in improving their memory thereby maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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