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What is Presbyopia ? – Part 2

Presbyopia contributes to the natural signs of aging of the eye that can be conveniently resolved.

Surgical Treatment for Presbyopia

• New surgical treatments also give solutions for individuals who are not keen to put on eye glasses or even contact lens, which includes the implantation of accommodation intraocular lenses.
• Scleral enlargement bands which increase the place between the ciliary body and also lens have never been recently discovered to give predictable or even consistent results in the treatment of presbyopia.
• INTRACOR has at present been accepted in Europe for therapy of both eyes (converting both corneas into multifocal lenses and getting away with the requirement for reading eye glasses).
• Surgical treatments that enhance the shape of the cornea, for example PresbyLASIK as well as conductive keratoplasty, are worth considering.
• But still certain utilization of reading eye glasses will stay when light is poor or while reading through for extended amounts of time.
• This is since these kinds of treatments do nothing at all for crystalline lens deterioration.
• Surgical treatments for the adjustment of presbyopia, without reshaping the cornea, were suggested by Scharcker, M .D, utilizing scleral band expansion, and J .T. Lin, Ph .D, making use of a laser beam scleral ablation in US Pat # 6 ,258 ,082 .
• One more treatment choice for the adjustment of presbyopia in individuals with emmetropia, as well as in individuals with myopia, hyperopia as well as astigmatism is laser combined vision.
• This process makes use of laser refractive surgical treatment to correct the dominant eye basically for distance vision as well as the non-dominant vision mainly for nearby vision, while the depth of field (i.e. the range of distances in which the image is at target ) of each eye is increased.
• On account of the increased depth of field, the human brain combines the 2 images, making a blend place, i .e. a place that is in target for both eyes.
• This enables the affected individual to observe nearby, intermediate and also far without eye glasses.
• Over time, numerous individuals claim they are unaware one eye is away from focus.
• Surgically implanted corneal inlays are another treatment method choice for presbyopia.
• Corneal inlays typically are implanted in the nondominant eye to reduce consequence to binocular uncorrected distance vision.

They attempt to improve nearby vision from one of three methods:
• The Flexivue Microlens (Presbia) changes the central refractive index
• The Kamra (AcuFocus) enhances the depth of target by making use of a pinhole
• The Vue+ (Revision Optics) reshapes the central cornea

Human brain image working enhancement

• Scientists’ knowledge about the capability of the individual brain to change, referred to as neuroplasticity provides rise to solutions based on perceptual understanding.
• Perceptual understanding, standing for repeated practice on a challenging task, enhances optical abilities by improving the image working in the human brain.
• Numerous accomplishments in such a field consist of FDA-approved solutions for extreme optical difficulties for example amblyopia, lack of vision as a result of a stroke, as well as others.
• Academic study on perceptual understanding had been posted in leading academic journals, together with Nature, Science, PNAS, Vision Study as well as others, including researches demonstrating enhanced optical overall performance in presbyopes.
• Improvements in optical features following perceptual understanding are accomplished without replacing the optical characteristics of the presbyopic vision, implying sufficient plasticity in getting older human brain to neutralize the natural biological weakening of the eyes.
• Hence, the inevitable weakening of the eyes with age group could be compensated by increasing the speed as well as good quality of image working in the optical cortex of the human brain.

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