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Diet and Nutrition supplements to improve pregnancy problems – Part 3

During pregnancy, diet plays a very important role. A proper diet full of nutrition is a necessary part.

Foods and Supplements taken to have a healthy Pregnancy

Fresh Fruit Juices
• A fast of juice for 4 to 5 days may help restore normal functioning of body’s defense mechanism.
• It would be cognizant to follow this fast all the time.
• It will regulate your digestive system.
• It’ll help to develop tolerance.

Mono Diet of Vegetables or fruits
• A mono diet of vegetables or fruits is certainly an effective follow-up diet following the juice fast.
• In the first week, the person should consume fruits like grapes or apples and vegetables including carrots, cucumbers, and leafy green vegetables.
• Over the second week, other foodstuffs could be introduced in to the patient’s diet.
• During the third week other foodstuffs ought to be included.
• Following the fourth week, the person may add protein-rich foods to his or her diet, ensuring that only one new foodstuff is consumed at once.
• In doing this, you are able to determine which type of foods cause an allergic attack and in addition they might be avoided.

Nutrients as treatment
• Magnesium and calcium are necessary nutrients for any allergy sufferer.
• They assist to wind down an over reactive systema nervosum.
• Have a supplement containing 750 to at least 1000 mgs of calcium and 500 mg of magnesium 2 times a day, during acute conditions.
• Consider the same dosage every day for 2 months.
• Choosing a digestive-enzyme supplement will improve the assimilation and utilization of nutrients.
Take a full-spectrum digestive-enzyme supplements providing:
– 5,000 international units of lipase
– 2,500 international units of amylase
– 300 international units of protease
– 500 to 1000 mg of pancreatin immediately after each lunch

Other nutrients
• Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is an excellent method to obtain sulfur.
• This is a trace mineral which enables to reduce the seriousness of the allergic response.
• Take 500 mg 3 or 4 times daily, with meals.
• Selenium is an antioxidant and acts synergistically with vitamin E.
• Take 50 to 100 mg, 2 times a day in the allergy season.
• Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties.
• Take 1,000 mg in acute flare ups 5 times every day for 4 to days.
• Follow this with 1,000 mg thrice each day for 25 days
• Take 1,000 mg each day for two full months
• A number of people with allergies find mineral ascorbate ascorbic acid or esterified vitamin C (Ester-C) simpler to tolerate than simple Vitamin C.

What are Healing Foods?

• Eliminate high inflammation and allergy producing foods.
The following are included in these:
– Sugar
– Chocolate
– Wheat
– Dairy food
• Eat alkaline
– A good amount of fruit and veggies in your diet is a must.
– Create an alkaline environment for self.
– Drinking fresh vegetable juices is extremely good.
– Raw tomato juice, raw carrot and spinach juices are reportedly excellent.
• Eat lots of Essential Fatty Acids
– This is found naturally in walnuts, wild salmon and sardines.
– Omega-3 fish oil which can be of excellent quality, freed from contaminants, is effective.
• Eat plenty of foods with pro-biotics.
– Foods like live culture yogurt and kefir are good.
– Supplemental dieting with a good pro-biotics supplement is good.
• Avoid Milk products
– Dairy food, eggs, nuts, preservatives and citrus fruits should be avoided.

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