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Why are eye examinations important? – Part 1

An eye evaluation is a number of tests done by an:
• ophthalmologist (medical professional)
• optometrist
• orthoptist
He evaluates:
– vision
– capability to focus on things
– distinguish objects
– other exams and tests pertaining to the eyes
• Medical care professionals usually suggest that all people really should have periodic and comprehensive eye examinations as a part of routine primary care, specifically because a lot of eye diseases are asymptomatic.
• Eye tests may identify potentially treatable blinding vision diseases, ocular manifestations of systemic disease, or signs of tumors or other anomalies of the brain.
• Routine vision exams are very important irrespective of the age or the physical health.
• During an extensive eye exam, the eye doctor will do a lot more than simply figuring out the prescription for spectacles or contact lenses.
• She or he will even check the eyes for frequent eye diseases evaluate how the eyes collaborate as a team and assess the eyes as an indicator of the overall wellness.
• Also, eye doctors usually are the very first health care professionals to identify chronic systemic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Basic Eye examination includes the following check ups:
• Visual acuity
• Refraction
• Pupil function
• Ocular motility
• Visual field (confrontation) testing
• External examination
• Slit-lamp
• Intraocular pressure
• Retinal examination

Eye exams for children include the following checkups:
• Near vision
• Distance vision: Tumbling E chart, Landolt C chart
• Eye teaming
• Eye movement
• Accommodation (focusing skills)
• Peripheral vision
• Eye–hand coordination

Who should we get the vision checked?

• Eye tests are a part of health maintenance for everybody.
• Adults must have their eyesight tested to maintain their latest prescriptions as well as to check out early indications of eye disease.
• Children’s eye exams are very important to make sure of a regular vision growth.
• Eye exams for kids play a significant role in making certain of a normal vision development and educational achievement of all children.
• Vision is directly associated with the learning process.
• Kids with undetected vision issues frequently do have difficulty with their schoolwork.
• Several times, kids would not complain of vision problems for the reason that they don’t know what “normal” vision seems like.
• If your kid is performing badly in school, make sure you have his or her eyes checked by an eye doctor who focuses primarily on children’s vision to discard an underlying visual cause.

Conditions evaluated in eye examinations:
– Myopia
– Hyperopia
– Presbyopia
– Amblyopia
– Diplopia
– Strabismus

Specialized eye examinations include the following:
• Color vision
• Stereopsis
• Near point of convergence
• Keratometry
• Cycloplegic refraction
• Accommodative system
• Amplitude of accommodation
• Negative relative accommodation
• Positive relative accommodation
• Vergence system
• Optokinetic system
• Amsler grid
• Gonioscopy
• Corneal topography
• Corneal pachymetry
• Scheimpflug ocular imaging
• Retinal tomography
• Ocular computed tomography
• Scanning laser polarimetry
• Electrooculography
• Electroretinography
• Ultrasound biomicroscopy

What are the signs which imply that you need an eye exam?

• Sudden Blurry Vision or Problems Focusing
• Sudden appearance of visual disturbances like:
– Floaters
– Flashes of light
– Obstruction of vision
• Gradual Blurring of Vision
• Headaches
• Eye Pain or Eye Fatigue
• Squinting
• Sensitivity to Light
• An Eye Infection
• If You Haven’t Had an Eye Exam in the Past Two Years

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