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Why are eye examinations important? – Part 3

The reason why Vision Screenings are absolutely no substitute for a total Eye Exam are:
• Vision screenings are restricted eye tests which help recognize individuals who are susceptible to vision problems.
• They are the short vision tests carried out by the:
– school nurse
– a pediatrician
– other medical care providers
– volunteers
• The eye test which you obtain when you are getting your driver’s license renewed is a good example of a vision screening.

Based on who is carrying out the test and exactly where the evaluation is given, vision screenings can include tests for:
– Blur
– Muscle coordination
– Common eye ailments
• Take into account that a vision screening can show that you have to get the eyes examined, but it will not work as a substitute for an extensive eye exam.
• An extensive eye examination is conducted by an eye doctor and consists of careful testing of every possible aspect of the vision.
• Depending on the outcomes of your exam, the eye doctor will be able to suggest a treatment plan for your personal needs.
• Be aware that, only an optometrist or ophthalmologist can furnish an extensive eye exam — family doctors and pediatricians are not completely properly trained to accomplish this, and studies and research have shown that they may miss important vision issues that need treatment.

An Eye Examination Can Help You Save Money — as well as your Life
Money Saved When Eye Doctors Identify Systemic Ailments Early, Claims Study
A current study discovered that eye doctors regularly are the very first medical care providers to identify indications of chronic systemic problems.
– For high cholesterol, this took place 65 % of that time period.
– For diabetes, it had been 20 % of that time period.
– For hypertension, it was 30 % of that time period.
• Eye doctors possess an unhindered view of the eyes’ blood vessels that could be exactly where they can see indications of these chronic problems.
• VSP Vision Care, a vision benefits company, commissioned the research that was employed on its 56 million people to figure out the cost effective due to earlier treatment on account of their eye exam.
– 65 % of the 2 .2 million people with high cholesterol (1 .5 million) obtained early treatment, for a two-year cost savings of $1 .7 billion.
– 20 % of 1 .5 million people with diabetes (296, 800) obtained early treatment, for a two-year cost savings of $827 million.
– 30 % of 2 .2 million people with hypertension (667, 800) obtained early treatment, for a two-year cost savings of $2 billion.
• Human Capital Management Services Group performed the research for VSP Vision Care, who disclosed the results in April 2011.

Treatment Methods after the Eye Exam

Treatment options following the eye exam may include:
– a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses to rectify refractive errors
– vision treatment or strabismus surgery for binocular vision issues
– medical treatment for eye illness
– simply a suggestion which you have the eyes checked again within a particular time period.
• The eye doctor also might advise that you take eye vitamins or vision nutritional supplements to sustain good eye health or even assist reduce specific issues like dry eyes.
• Irrespective of who you are, consistent eye exams are essential for viewing more clearly, understanding more readily and conserving the vision for life.

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