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How can you prevent common eye injuries?

The following guidelines might help prevent eye injuries:
• Put on safety glasses, goggles, or face shields whenever you hammer nails or metal, utilize power tools or chemical substances, or do an activity which may result in a burn to the eyes.
• In the event you work with dangerous chemicals that might splash into the eyes, learn how to eliminate chemicals out, and be aware of the area of the nearest shower or sink unit.

Put on shielding eyewear during sports activities like:
– Hockey
– Racquetball
– Paintball
• These activities may include the risk of a strike to the eye.
• Baseball is regarded as the common sport to result in eye injuries.
• Fishhook injuries are other common cause of eye accidents.
• Protective eye wear can avoid sports-related eye accidents a lot more than 90% of the time.
• An eye evaluation might be helpful in figuring out which kind of protective eye wear is required.
• Accidents from ultraviolet (UV) light might be eliminated by wearing sunglasses that prevent ultraviolet (UV) rays and also by wearing broad-brimmed hats.
• Keep in mind that the eye might be injured from sun glare at the time of boating, sunbathing, or skiing.
• Use eye protection whenever you are under tanning lamps or making use of tanning booths.
• Make use of child car seats.

What are safety tips for children?

• Eye injuries are popular in children; a lot of them could be prevented.
• Most eye injuries occur in older children.
• They occur more regularly in boys as compared to girls.
• Toys ranging from crayon to toy guns are a significant source of damage, so examine all toys for pointed or sharpened parts.
• Household products, like elastic cords, also can hit the eye and result in injury.
• Train your kids about eye safety.
• Secure protective eye wear for your kids and enable them to utilize it properly.
• Train children that flying toys must never be directed at someone else.
• Train kids how to carry sharp or pointed things correctly.
• Train kids that any specific missile, projectile, or BB gun is not a toy.
• Make use of precautionary measures near fires and explosives, like campfires and fireworks.
• Any eye damage that seems unusual for a child’s age ought to be examined as a possibility of child abuse.

When to Put on Protective Eyewear?

Based on these standards, you ought to put on properly fitted eye protective equipment, like safety glasses with side protection/shields, whenever:
• Doing work which could generate particles, slivers, or dust from materials such as:
– wood
– metal
– plastic
– cement
– drywall
• Activities to be taken care of:
– Hammering
– Sanding
– Grinding
– Doing masonry job
– Dealing with power tools
– Dealing with chemicals, including popular household chemicals such as ammonia, oven cleaners, and bleach
– Making use of a lawnmower, riding mower, or other motorized gardening gadgets like string trimmers.
– Dealing with wet or powdered cement
– Welding
– “Jumping” the electric battery of a automobile
– To be a bystander to any of the above

• Sports activities
It’s well advised that you simply protect your eyes from injury while being a part of certain sports such as :
– Indoor racket sports
– Paintball
– Baseball
– Basketball
– Hockey
– Cycling
– Riding a being a passenger on a motorcycle

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