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What causes cramps during pregnancy? What can be done to ease it?

Leg cramps during pregnancy are:
• Radiating
• Painful spasms through the calves
• Pain felt especially at night.

What causes leg cramps in pregnancy?
• No one really understands the reason why expecting mothers get more leg cramps.
• Numerous concepts criticize leg cramps to be due to fatigue from carrying maternity weight, compression of the blood vessels in the legs, and also likely diet — an excess of phosphorus and a deficiency in calcium or magnesium.

How leg cramps can be prevented?

Try these pointers for holding leg cramps at a distance:
• Stay away from standing or sitting with the legs crossed for an extended periods of time.
• Stretch out the calf muscles on a regular basis throughout the day and also a couple of times before going to sleep.
• Revolve your ankles and then wiggle your toes whenever you sit, have dinner, or maybe watch television.
• Go for a walk on a daily basis, unless of course your midwife or doctor has suggested you not to workout.
• Stay away from becoming too exhausted.
• Lay down on your left side to enhance blood circulation to and from your legs.
• Remain properly hydrated throughout the day by taking in water consistently.
• Try out a lukewarm bath before sleep to soothe your muscles.
• Seek advice from your provider before consuming any specific health supplement in pregnancy.
• You might have noticed that getting leg cramps is an indication that you require more calcium, and that calcium health supplements would alleviate the issue.
• However, it’s definitely crucial for you to get sufficient calcium, there’s no sound proof that having extra calcium can help reduce leg cramps in pregnancy.
• In reality, in one singular well-designed research, expecting mothers having calcium got no more respite from leg cramps when compared to those having a placebo.

Best practice to get relieved from cramp

• If you do get a cramp, right away stretch out your calf muscles: Straighten the leg, heel initially, and then delicately flex your toes back in the direction of your shins.
• It may hurt in the beginning, however it will relieve the spasm as well as the pain will slowly disappear.
• You can attempt to relax the cramp by massaging the muscle or heating it with a hot water bottle.
• Taking walks around for a couple of minutes might help too.

If the pain continues, you can do the following:
• Call up your practitioner or healthcare provider if your muscle discomfort is continuous rather than just an occasional cramp in case you observe inflammation, soreness, or sensitivity in your leg or the region seems warm to the touch.
• All these may be indications of a blood clot, which needs instant medical attention.
• Blood clots are fairly rare; however they’re more usual in pregnancy.

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