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What are different treatment options available for treating liver cancer?

These are some of the treatments available: – Surgery, – Immunotherapy, – Photodynamic Therapy, – Hyperthermia, – Radiation Therapy – Radiosurgery The best option for curing liver cancer is surgery.

Other techniques used to treat liver cancer are: – Including inserting needles into the tumor. – Destroying the tumor (ablation). – Injecting a substance into […]

How to treat Bone Cancer by Chemotherapy?

Bone Cancer is the cancer that begins in the bone. Primary bone cancer is relatively uncommon with secondary or metastatic cancer. This is cancer that occurs initially in another organ and then spreads to bone tissue.

The most common types of bone cancer includes: – Osteosarcoma, – Ewing’s sarcoma, – Chondrosarcoma, – Malignant fibrous histiocytoma, […]